The Annotated Ramsar List: Equatorial Guinea


The Annotated Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance


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The Convention on Wetlands came into force for Equatorial Guinea on 2 October 2003. Equatorial Guinea presently has 3 sites designated as Wetlands of International Importance, with a surface area of 136,000 hectares.

site; date of designation; region, province, state; surface area; coordinates
site; date de désignation; région, province, état; superficie; coordonnées
sitios; fecha de designación; región, provincia, estado; área; coordenadas

Isla de Annobón.02/06/03; Annobón; 23,000 ha; 01°25'S 005°36'E. Nature Reserve. A small island with touristic importance, 6.5km by 3km, some 350km off the coast, all or some of which has been designated as a Nature Reserve for its large numbers of migratory birds and important vascular plants. Coral reefs, sandy or pebbly shores, intertidal flats, and at least one permanent lake are listed as the relevant wetland types, and the site is considered internationally important because of its vulnerable species as well as under both the waterbird and fish criteria. Traditional fishing, hunting, and subsistence agriculture are the principal human uses of the site. Ramsar site no. 1309. Most recent RIS information: ?.

Reserva Natural del Estuario del Muni. 02/06/03; Bata-Litoral; 80,000 ha; 01°13'N 009°45'E. Nature Reserve. Located in the mainland south, an area of estuaries and near-coastal highlands characterized by dense forest, inundated forest, and peat meadows. Secondary forest and mangroves are found around the mouths of the rivers Mitong, Mitemle, and Mbante or Mbané in the estuary of the Río Muni. Manatees, elephants, baboons, and migratory birds have an important presence. Traditional fishing, hunting, and subsistence agriculture are practiced, and disturbances caused by overhunting, overfishing, and forest exploitation are perceived as potential threats. A management plan is in preparation. Ramsar site no. 1311. Most recent RIS information: ?.

Río Ntem o Campo. 02/06/03; Bata-Litoral; 33,000 ha; 02°13'N 009°52'E. Nature Reserve. Located along the Ntem (or Campo) river, which forms the frontier with Cameroon in the nation's north, the site has been designated for the List because of its support for vulnerable or endangered species and because it is an important source of food for fishes or spawning ground, nursery and/or migration path on which fish stocks depend. Coastal stablization and flood control have been noted as important hydrological values. The work of the forestry industry is seen as a potential threat to the ecological character of the site. Ramsar site no. 1310. Most recent RIS information: ?.

[Note: The accession instrument of Equatorial Guinea was accompanied by minimal information about its three Ramsar sites, and the Secretariat is presently working with the Administrative Authority to provide more satisfactory data.]

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