‘Ramsar’s liquid assets’ commemorative book – 40 years of the Convention on Wetlands


To celebrate 40 years of the Convention on Wetlands, the Secretariat released the PDF versions of a commemorative booklet that was officially launched on 2 February 2011. This 32 page booklet in the three official Convention languages is a brief reflection on, and celebration of, the evolution and achievements of the Convention since 1971.

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Ramsar has a central role to play in helping to bring that it is wetlands that provide us with water, purify our drinking water at low cost, and humidify the climate in drought-affected areas. The world is already talking of a “global water crisis” – just not enough water to go round. Let’s do all we can to preserve our wetlands.

Please write to riera@ramsar.org if you would like to receive the design files (Adobe InDesign CS5) on a DVD (do not forget to include your full mailing address) if you wish to adapt or translate it. Hard cover copies have been officially launched worldwide by the Ramsar Secretariat on World Wetlands Day 2011.

With funding from the Ramsar Regional Centre – Central and West Asia and support from the League of Arab States, we are delighted to announce that "Ramsar's Liquid Assets" 40th Anniversary Booklet is also available in Arabic (PDF).

Some history

Negotiated through the 1960s by countries and non-governmental organizations that were concerned at the increasing loss and degradation of wetland habitat for migratory waterbirds, the treaty was adopted in the Iranian city of Ramsar in 1971 and came into force in 1975. It is the oldest of the modern global intergovernmental environmental agreements with to date 159 global memberships addressing water and ecosystems management.

Originally created to preserve wetlands as a vital habitat for waterfowl, the Ramsar Convention has inspired advances over the past 40 years in the conservation and wise use of all wetlands through local and national action and international cooperation to sustain the diverse socio-economic benefits wetlands deliver to people throughout the world.

Today the Ramsar Convention works closely with its five International Organizations Partners (BirdLife International, International Water Management Institute (IWMI), International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Wetlands International and WWF International). It has collaborative agreements with most global environmental conventions, including operating as the lead implementation partner on wetlands for the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

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