Asia Regional Meeting on Ramsar COP9, Beijing, 13-16 May 2005


armenia Asia Regional Meeting in preparation for Ramsar COP9
Beijing, China, 13-16 May 2005




Presentations at the Asia Regional Meeting

Beijing, China, 13-16 May 2005

These are the presentations made at the Asian Regional Meeting, chiefly PowerPoints (PPT) with a few PDFs. Some of them are extraordinarily large, and the file sizes are shown following each title. Because of the large amount of server space they occupy, they will remain available here until the end of August 2005 and then be removed.

(Note: The Presentations have been removed from the site, August 2006.)

May 13

The Ramsar Convention…from Beijing to Kampala - Peter Bridgewater (PPT, 3MB)

Wetland Conservation and Ramsar Convention Implementation in China - Yin Hong, China State Forestry Administration (PPT, 10MB)

Ramsar Convention Implementation in Asia: A Regional View - Iran, Vice Chair of Standing Committee (PPT, 10MB)

Technical Session 1: Special Issues related to Asia in the COP9 Agenda

COP 9 Resolutions- Process; issues; relevance to Asia - Dave Pritchard, BirdLife International; STRP (PPT, 5MB)

Technical Session II: Building Wetland Conservation into Asian Sustainable Development

Wetlands, Water and Livelihoods - Mike Ounsted, Wetlands & Livelihoods Working Group, Wetlands International (PPT, 31MB)

The Missing Link: Wetlands and People- together or apart? - Sebastia Semene Guitart (PPT, 9MB)

The CEPA Role in Wetland Conservation - Sandra Hails (PPT, 5MB)

Investing and Financing System of Wetland Conservation in China - Yali Wen, Beijing Forestry University (PPT, 1MB)

May 14

Technical Session III: Group Discussions

Outcomes of Group I: Himalaya Initiative (PPT, 90KB)

Group II: Waterbird Flyways - Asia- Pacific Migratory Waterbird Conservation Strategy & Links to Convention on Wetlands (PDF, 8MB)

Group III- CEPA/Ramsar Centers (PDF, 20KB)

Group IV: Peatland Wise Use (PPT, 300KB)

Technical Session IV : The Indian Ocean Tsunami & Coastal Wetland Management

Asian Tsunami and Coastal Wetlands: Recommendations of the Special Session on the Asian Tsunami at the Asian Wetland Symposium'05 - Faizal Parish (PPT, 25MB)

Project: Coastal Ecosystems and Livelihoods after the Tsunami - Mike Ounsted, Wetlands International (PPT, 29KB)

"Natural mitigation of natural disasters", Initial Assessment of Ramsar Tsunami Wetlands Group - coordinated by Wetlands International, Taej Mundkur (PPT, 6MB)

Technical Session V: Code of Conduct for Mangrove Forest Management

Mainstreaming Conservation of Coastal Biodiversity through Formulation of a Code of Conduct for Sustainable Management of Mangrove Ecosystems (WB) - Donald Macintosh, University of Aarhaus, Denmark (PPT, 2MB)

May 16

The Achievements of AWS and Its Contribution to Ramsar - Noriko Moriwake, Ministry of Environment, Japan (PPT, 670KB)

Ramsar COP 10 in Korea (Proposal to host COP 10) - Seukoo Kang, Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea (PPT, 600KB)

Green Belt of Amur/Hejlong/Onon for Integrated River Basin Management - Tatiana Minaeva, WWF Russia Programme (PPT, 3MB)

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