STRP workshop - Day 1


Tuesday 30 November 2010                             Topics



(Ms Wilma Lutsch,
Director of Biodiversity Conservation)

2. Opening & Welcome:

  • 2.1 The Ramsar Administrative Authority of South Africa,
    Department of Environmental Affairs

Water Research Commission's Press release 

(Dr Rivka Kfir, Chief Executive Officer)

  • 2.2 The Water Research Commission -WRC

 Presentation (PDF)

(Dr Heather MacKay, STRP Chair)

  • 2.3 The Scientific & Technical Review Panel (STRP) of the Ramsar Convention



3. Overview of the workshop process and objectives – Presentation & Questions
(Dr Heather MacKay, STRP Chair)

 Presentation (PDF)



4. Introduction to the Ramsar Convention - Presentations & Questions

  • 4.1 Global status of the Ramsar Convention (Ms Cathleen Cybéle, Ramsar Secretariat)


 Presentation (PDF)


  • 4.2 Convention bodies and Processes (Ms Monica Zavagli, STRP Officer,Ramsar Secretariat)

 Presentation (PDF)

(Dr Paul Ouedraogo,
Ramsar Secretariat)

  • 4.3 The Convention in Africa – status & implementation

Presentation (PDF)



5. Wetland issues in the Africa region - presentations & discussion

  • 5.1 Eastern Africa perspective (Professor Kassim Kulindwa, STRP invited Expert)

 Presentation (PDF)


  • 5.2 Northern Africa perspective (Mr Denis Landenbergue, Wetlands manager, WWF International)

 Presentation (PDF)





6. STRP 2009-2012 work plan -  presentations & discussion:

  • 6.1 Overview of the STRP work plan for 2009-2012 cycle, priorities & process leading up to COP11. (Dr Heather MacKay, STRP Chair)


 Presentation (PDF)


  • 6.2 STRP priority issues for COP11:

6.2.1 Restoration guidance (Mr Rob McInnes, STRP expert)

 Presentation (PDF)


6 bis. “Who is a Wetland Manager” exercise. (Dr Heather MacKay, STRP Chair)




  • 6.2 STRP priority issues for COP11:

6.2.2 Revision of Ramsar Information Sheets (RIS) & Strategic Framework.
( Dr Heather MacKay, STRP Chair)


Presentation (PDF)



7. Ramsar’s International Organization Partners (IOPs):

  • 7.1 How the IOPs support the Convention at global, regional and national level: the case of WWF (Denis Landenbergue, WWF International)

 Presentation (PDF)


  • 7.2 Wetlands and Livelihoods (Dr Lisa Rebelo, International Water Management Institute - IWMI)

Presentation (PDF)


8. The status of research on wetland ecology, management and conservation in South Africa
    (Dr Heather Malan, University of Cape Town)

Presentation (PDF)



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