Ramsar Site Success Stories Request

At the time of joining the Convention, each Contracting Party designates at least one site for inclusion in the List of Wetlands of International Importance (the “Ramsar List”). The addition of a site to the Ramsar List confers upon it the prestige of international recognition and expresses the government’s commitment to take all steps necessary to ensure the maintenance of the ecological character of the site.
Following accession, Contracting Parties are expected to designate additional “suitable” wetlands for the List (Article 2.1) or extend the boundaries of those already included. At the global level there are 1.847 Ramsar sites and 322 of them are in the Americas.
The Ramsar Convention is looking for success case studies that illustrate the process and benefits of Ramsar site designations in the Americas in order to prepare a toolkit publication tailored to governmental decision-makers, technical officers and site managers, as well as NGOs, that encourages the implementation of a strategic framework and priorities for Ramsar site designations under the Convention’s international network of wetlands.
Below is the guideline for the submission of proposals.
Deadline: The case studies format must be submitted by 4 of September, 2009  to the Ramsar Secretariat: rivera@ramsar.org.  
Who can participate: Administrative Authorities of the Ramsar Convention, Ramsar site managers, Ramsar International Organization Partners as well as local NGOs and other stakeholders that have taken part in the process of designation of Ramsar Sites.
Selection of Case Studies
The Ramsar Secretariat in collaboration with wetland experts from the Americas will choose the final case studies to be edited for the publication from the applications submitted on time.
Case Study Format for “The Ramsar Site Success Stories Request”
(Use as a reference the pertinent Ramsar Information Sheet of the Site available at http://ramsar.wetlands.org/)
Please send this application to: The Ramsar Secretariat, Rue Mauverney 28, CH-1196 Gland, Switzerland. Fax: +41 22 999 0169, E-mail: attention to “Ramsar Site Success Stories Request” rivera@ramsar.org
Having considered the Criteria and Procedures for the “The Ramsar Site Success Stories Request”, I/we wish to submit the following case study for the consideration of the Ramsar Secretariat:
Name of the applicant: ____________________________
Mailing address: ______________________________
Telephone _________________Fax:_______________________
Note:The maximum length per case study should be two A4 page (1.000 words). 
Deadline: 4 of September 2009
  1. Description of the site.
General Location: A description of the general location of the wetland. Include in which part of the country and which large administrative region(s) the site lies and the location of the nearest large town.
Provide a short paragraph giving a summary description of the principal ecological characteristics and importance of the wetland.
Provide minimum two photos (general overview of the site. The photos must be in high resolution)
  1. Designation process
Provide a summary description to explain the national designation process (including site selection), detailing the organization that promoted the designation (Government, NGO’s, private sector etc), the relevant stakeholders that were involved, the main challenges and how they were solved. 
  1. Benefits of Ramsar site designations
Clearly explain one or more of the benefits of designation listed below:
- Legal status
- Public awareness
- Protection of the site
- Public support
- Funding and publicity
- Political support – international/national/local
- Conservation measures
- Leisure and recreation
- Scientific interest
- increasing tourism activities
- Other
  1. Lessons learned
Clearly describe the main lessons learned from the designation of the site and the process for the designation 
5. Management measures
Provide any information about management measures already in place or for the immediate future of the site
6.   Recommendations
Provide recommendations for future designations. 
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