Inventory of Argentina´s Paraná-Paraguay wetlands now available online


On 5 June, the “Inventory of Argentina´s Wetlands — Landscape Systems of the Paraná-Paraguay River Corridor Wetlands” was launched during World Environment Day celebrations. Parts of the “Framework for Wetlands Inventory” produced by the Ramsar Convention and of the “Progress in the methodology proposal for a National System of Classification and Inventory of Argentinean Wetlands” prepared by the Aquatic Resources Working Group of the National Environment and Sustainable Development Secretariat were useful reference tools in the preparation of this Inventory. 

The launch of this Wetlands Inventory of the Paraná-Paraguay River Corridor is part of the process of preparing a National Wetlands Inventory of Argentina. Planned in three phases, the Inventory’s first two phases focus on the delineation and characterization of the wetland landscape systems. The third phase complements the characterization of the wetland landscape systems with specific information regarding fish species and natural protected areas. This work was prepared by Ramsar’s National Focal Point, the Environment and Sustainable Development Secretariat, Bureau of the National Cabinet of Ministers (through the GEF 4206 – PNUD ARG/10/003 project “Fisheries Planning and Biodiversity Conservation in River Wetlands of the Paraná and Paraguay Rivers, Republic of Argentina”).

Staff of the National University of San Martin, the Wetlands Foundation/ Wetlands International Argentina, the National Environment and Sustainable Development Secretariat Aquatic Resources Working Group and by the Ecology and Wetlands Research Group at the University of Buenos Aires worked together to coordinate the Inventory’s various production phases. Other work teams and regional research groups as well as technical staff from the provincial and national government agencies (part of the Advisory Commission for the GEF project Fisheries and River Wetlands) participated at different stages in the Inventory process. The editors are Laura Benzaquén, Daniel E. Blanco, Roberto F. Bó, Patricia Kandus, Guillermo F. Lingua, Priscilla Minotti, Rubén D. Quintana, Sara Sverlij and Laura Vidal.

» Download the publication here (in Spanish, PDF).

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