Watershed Stewardship Action Kit from Izaak Walton League


[reprinted from the ELI wetlands e-mail list, 01/07/04]

Izaak Walton League issues revamped Clean Water Action Kit

Gaithersburg, MD [USA] (16 June 2004) - The Izaak Walton League has issued its all-new, totally revised and updated Watershed Stewardship Action Kit for clean water advocates and activists. "This is a multi-faceted tool for anyone who is interested in getting involved in protecting streams and rivers in their community," said Gwyn Rowland, the League's director of watershed programs. Citizen involvement in watershed protection and conservation activities has proven to have measurable, positive results on the quality of the nation's waters. Hands-on involvement in stream and wetland conservation projects gives communities concrete tools to help restore the nation ' s watersheds.

The toolkit is a central element to the League's longstanding Save Our Streams program, which has pioneered stream and wetland education for citizens since 1969. SOS has educated and motivated citizens to clean-up stream corridors, monitor stream health, restore degraded stream banks and protect dwindling wetland acreage.

The toolkit includes a number of fact sheets on wetlands, the Clean Water Act, and watershed action plans. It also provides background on how to develop, fund, conduct, and get publicity for watershed protection projects in local communities. It also includes a list of relevant publications from the Environmental Protection Agency with directions on they can be acquired. To get the toolkit go to www.iwla.org/merchant2 and click on Books, or click on the "search" button and type in "water shed stewardship action kit." [The toolkit is priced at US$11.]

The SOS program is highly regarded among scientists, agency professionals and concerned citizens for its educational publications, training videos, primary and secondary school curriculum, and for its teacher and volunteer training workshops that have been presented nationwide.

According to Thomas Dahl, a wetlands biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: "The Watershed Stewardship Action Kit is a wonderful educational tool for those who want to know more about aquatic resources. The toolkit provides citizens the ability to identify and understand the importance and interdependence of many environmental indicators. Users will have the ability to better recognize environmental problems and understand some of the consequences of such things as changes in land use, wetland destruction, or changes in water quality."

SOS has received numerous national awards for outstanding work in monitoring, restoration and public education, including the 1990 Renew America award for the Nation's Best Surface Water Protection Program; a 1990 Citation from the United Nations Environment Programme; a White House recognition ceremony hosted by President George Bush; and the national 1994 American Greenways DuPont Award from DuPont, The Conservation Fund and the National Geographic Society.

Leah Miller
American Wetlands Program Coordinator
Izaak Walton League of America, Inc.

707 Conservation Lane
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
(301) 548-0150 ext. 219

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