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WLI Australia -- Communications Strategy

[Ed: This message was sent out to CEPA e-list members on March 18th, 2003]

Good Morning CEPA List Members:

In the message of the 10th March to this list detailing the re-launch of the Wetland Link International (WLI) network, Doug Hulyer mentioned the intention to encourage the development of national networks of wetland education centres as part of the global network. As Doug noted, under the leadership of The Wetland Centre (TWC), Australia has already launched such a network linking wetland centres in the country. TWC has said that the establishment of Wetland Link International - Australia within the global WLI network, would “enable the sharing of ideas and programs tailored to our environment while benefiting from wetland education programs from overseas”.

There are over 40 wetland centres in Australia, ranging from small, non-staffed interpretation facilities to fully staffed, highly developed centres. In developing WLI – Australia, a forum in Brisbane in July 2002, coordinated by TWC and the Wetlands Environmental Education Centre and funded by the National Heritage Trust, brought together over 20 people from a range of centres throughout the country to discuss three broad themes:

What do we need to be better as wetland educators?
How do we meet the challenges of distance and keep up to date on wetland issues?
What are the main challenges in educating people about wetlands?

From the forum’s deliberations, TWC has produced a Communication Strategy developed around the three themes with clearly defined objectives and a strategy and actions to realise these objectives. Further information on the development of the strategy can be obtained from Chris Prietto, TWC (

I remind members of the list that Doug encourages those considering setting up a national network to contact him directly at and that he hopes to have guidance on how to go about setting up a national network on the WLI web-site in the future.

[Ed.: Information here on a publication from WLI-Australia on Australian wetland centres]

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