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WWD 2004 plans revealed to the CEPA e-list

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Message sent to the Ramsar CEPA list, August 11, 2003

Good morning CEPA list members:

Some of you will no doubt have already heard from Valerie Higgins here at the Bureau about our plans for World Wetlands Day 2004. For those of you who have not, here's the Web link to our announcement The 2004 theme "From the Mountains to the Sea - Wetlands at Work for Us" gives plenty of scope for imaginative plans for WWD activities and I'm sure most countries will be able to relate the theme to their own wetland scene, making it more relevant to local people.

We are ready again this year to make the materials - a poster, leaflet and sticker - available as Quark Xpress files, allowing you (if you have the appropriate software) to produce the text in other languages and also to personalise the materials with wetland information from your own national wetlands. We are still hearing about successes in this area from WWD 2003 and you can see on the Web the fine efforts in several countries -

The latest news on this front is the reproduction of 100 copies of the Ramsar video that we launched last year by Australia. Using the Quark Xpress file for the video cover design, Alison Beard from Environment Australia, the Ramsar Administrative Authority, has very recently reported that they included the logos of Environment Australia and the Natural Heritage Trust on the cover to acknowledge their funding of the copies. They reproduced the video using a master copy supplied by the Bureau and copies have now been sent out to wetland education and visitor centres across Australia. Please remember that we can also supply an international version of this video so that the commentary can be produced in other languages.

We hope you will join with the Bureau in celebrating WWD2004 in February next year. If you need some ideas for WWD activities, have a look here at WWD2003 reports from the Ramsar family.

At the Bureau we are looking forward to more successes at the national level in reproducing our WWD materials in 2004 - so time to start looking for sponsors now in advance of the mailing of the Bureau's WWD materials in mid-October! If you have never received our WWD materials before and would like to go on our mailing list, please send me your contact details.

With best wishes, Sandra Hails, Ramsar Bureau

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