The Ramsar Bulletin Board, October 2013

Regional Network Coordination Workshop for Linking Networks and Mainstreaming Ecosystem-based Adaptation

A workshop to link networks and in particular to mainstream Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) was held in Beijing, China from 16 to 19 October. Read more. [31/10/13]

World Wetlands Day 2014 -   Wetlands and Agriculture: Partners for Growth

Our materials are in the mail and on the web so it is really time to get serious about World Wetlands Day. On Saturday our Facebook page gave the early warning that it was only 100 days to World Wetlands Day. Today it’s only 97 and counting! Read more and download the materials. [Français] [Español] [29/10/13]

The environmental community in Geneva welcomes Dr Christopher Briggs as new Secretary General of the Convention on Wetlands

About 90 members of the environmental community in Geneva, including representatives of Permanent Missions to the UN, international organizations and NGOs met on 18 October to welcome Christopher Briggs as new Secretary General of the Convention on Wetlands at an event kindly convened by the Geneva Environment Network Secretariat. Read more. [28/10/13]

Vacancy announcement

The Ramsar Regional Centre for Training and Research for Central and Western Asia is looking for an Executive Director who will be based in the town of Ramsar, Islamic Republic of Iran. For further details, please refer to the vacancy announcement or contact Mr. Moshen Soleymani at mohsen.soleymani@rrc‐ [28/10/13]

China’s newest Ramsar Sites

The Secretariat is pleased to announce that the People’s Republic of China has designated five more Wetlands of International Importance, bringing that Party’s total to 46 Ramsar Sites covering over 4 million hectares. Read more. [24/10/13]

Brazil’s twelfth Ramsar Site

The Secretariat is very pleased to announce that the government of Brazil has named Cabo Orange National Park (Parque Nacional do Cabo Orange) (657,328 hectares) in the far northern state of Amapá, near the border with French Guyana, as its 12th Wetland of International Importance, bringing that country’s total area covered under the Ramsar umbrella to more than 7 million hectares. Read more. [24/10/13]

Honduras’ Laguna de Zambuco added to the Ramsar List

The government of Honduras has designated Sistema de Humedales Laguna de Zambuco (SH-LZ) (649 hectares, 15°47'54”N 087°13'23”W) as its ninth Wetland of International Importance, covering a total of 270,224 hectares. In addition to its own considerable values, it is located between two other Ramsar Sites and thus contributes to the creation of a Biological Corridor in northern Honduras. Further details. [23/10/2013]

International gathering on saving drying lakes in Turkey

On 17 and 18 September 2013, the Doğa Derneği / Nature Society (BirdLife Turkey) organised the “International Gathering on Saving Drying Lakes” in Burdur, Turkey, with the support of MAVA Foundation and Vaillant. The city of Burdur is located close to Lake Burdur, one of Turkey’s first Ramsar Sites, facing serious water loss mainly due to the construction of dams on tributaries for irrigation. Read more [02/10/13]

Partager, écouter, raconter la richesse des histoires du Rhin

Le 27 septembre à Daubensand, un village français situé à 30 km de Strasbourg, la fédération Alsace Nature a organisé une rencontre au sujet du Rhin et de sa diversité biologique avec le professeur Carbiener, ancien professeur d’écologie des plaines alluviales, Bruno Jäger, ancien président de la guilde des pêcheurs de la région de Kappel, et le professeur Laurent Schmitt, géographe à l’université de Strasbourg. Plus d’informations [22/10/13]

Ramsar Chair for the "Wise Use of Wetlands" established

The UNESCO Institute for Water Education (UNESCO-IHE), Charles Sturt University and the Secretariat of the Convention on Wetlands signed an agreement establishing the Ramsar Chair for the "Wise Use of Wetlands" at the Budaperst High Level Water Summit. Read more [12/10/13]

Asia-Pacific STRP meeting in Changwon, Korea

On 7-11 October over 60 wetland experts from over 20 countries, including Asian National Focal Points for the Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP), Ramsar National Focal Points and STRP experts, are gathered in Changwon City, Republic of Korea, for the ‘Asia Regional Workshop on Scientific and Technical Support for Implementation of the Ramsar Convention.’ Lew Young, Ramsar Senior Regional Advisor for Asia and Oceania, and Marcela Bonells, Scientific and Technical Support Officer, are representing the Ramsar Secretariat. Read more [07/10/13]

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