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Small Grant Fund project in Moldova: Over 50 experts meet to discuss national wetland management

Laura Máiz, Ramsar's Assistant Advisor for Europe, travelled to Moldova, 5 to 7 December 2012, to attend a workshop on wetlands management, last activity of the 2010 Ramsar Small Grants Fund (SGF) project "Developing a Wetland National Policy for the Republic of Moldova”. The seminar, organised by the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with the Ecological Society "BIOTICA" on 7 December 2012, aimed to deliver training and information on wetlands management to national stakeholders. Over 50 experts from different governmental agencies and NGOs attended this national event. More [20/12/12]

Workshop to develop an Arabic language Training Programme for Wetlands Management Planning

A workshop to trial a newly develop Arabic language wetland management planning training programme was held from 15-19 December 2012 at the Azraq Oasis Ramsar Site, Kingdom of Jordan. The Arabic language wetland management planning training programme and the workshop at the Azraq Oasis were made possible through a very generous financial donation from the Government of Fujairah Municipality, United Arab Emirates. The training course and kit was developed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature in Jordan, with technical support from the Fujairah Municipality, WWF Tunisia and the Ramsar Secretariat. More [20/12/12]

Small Grants Fund project successfully completed in Bangladesh

People Acting through Social Mobilization for the Conservation and Wise Use of Wetlands in the South West Coast of Bangladesh. Initiated in 2009, this Ramsar Small Grants Fund project funded through a generous voluntary contribution by the Government of Japan, aimed to disseminate Ramsar Convention messages among local communities and to promote wetland wise use in the South West Coast of Bangladesh. More [19/12/12]

Ramsar Website User Survey

18.12.2012 | The Ramsar Secretariat would like to know how you use, and how you would like to see it improved in the future. We have created a survey to understand how our users are interacting with our website. This survey has only ten questions, and should take less than 15 minutes to complete. The survey links are:

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Another international recognition awarded to the Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR)

Report by Ms. Joy Navarro, Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau, Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Amidst warnings of the upcoming supertyphoon “Bopha” (with local name “Pablo”), the celebration for the inauguration ceremony of the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (PPSRNP, or PPUR, as it was more commonly known) as the fifth Wetland of International Importance (Ramsar Site) in the Philippines, held on 4 December 2012, was a definite success. Even as “Pablo”, which was carrying maximum sustained winds of 175 km/h, and gusts of up to 210 km/h, threatened to come, the event was attended by more than a hundred guests from national and local government and non-government organizations, media, and tourists. It was highlighted with a motorcade, boat parade, unveiling of a marker on site and awarding of Ramsar certificates to the Management Board of the protected area. More [18/12/12]

 Who's Where?

The Ramsar Secretariat offices are closed from 24 December 2012 until 3 January 2013. Best wishes from the whole team!

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Yesterday's News


Focus on Dinaric Ramsar Sites

The Dinaric Arc is a mountain region in SE Europe stretching from the Julian Alps in Slovenia southwards along the Adriatic Sea through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo (UNSCR 1244/99) and Montenegro to Albania, Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Most of its geology is made up of karst limestone, rich in underground water flows and aquifers. The Dinaric Arc thus harbours many wetlands that have been specifically recognised by the Ramsar Convention through Resolution VII.13, establishing guidelines for identifying and designating karst and other subterranean hydrological systems as Ramsar Sites. More [18/12/12]

Ramsar, the UNESCO for wetlands?

When a journalist asked Jérôme Bignon, president of the Association Ramsar France, to explain in a few words what the Ramsar Convention is about, Mr Bignon replied: “Ramsar is the UNESCO for wetlands”. These words were said at a meeting that took place on 15-16 November 2012 in the Brenne Regional Nature Park and Ramsar Site in central France. It was the fourth annual seminar bringing together more than 100 Ramsar actors (site managers, civil servants, elected people, experts, NGOs and civil society representatives) to exchange their experiences and debate new approaches to wetland conservation in France. More [14/12/12]

BlackSeaWet Initiative resumes work

Two years after its last meeting in Tulcea (Romania), the management body of the Ramsar regional initiative for Coastal Wetlands of the Black and Azov Seas (“BlackSeaWet” for short) met again on 6-8 November 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey. The meeting was hosted by the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks in the guesthouse of the Turkish Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs. This provided a practical location for over twenty experts, representing Bulgaria, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Wetlands International, the MedWet Initiative and the Ramsar Secretariat, to discuss, exchange their ideas and work on common programmes. More [13/12/12]

Send free online greeting cards!

The Ramsar Secretariat has selected 12 images showing the wonders of nature in wetlands that are now available as ecards for the festive season. We invite you to share these amazing pictures of wetlands with your colleagues, friends and family. Take a look at our selection and brighten someone's day with a beautiful ecard.

You're just a few clicks away - Go to our Ramsar Online Community to create a personalized ecard. It’s easy and you can even set your ecard to arrive on any day you want! [12/12/12]

San Pedro de Atacama Archaeological Capital hosted the IX meeting of the High Andean Regional Initiative

The IX meeting of the High Andean Regional Initiative organised by the Ministries of Environment and Foreign Affairs of Chile took place from 19-24 November in Santiago and San Pedro de Atacama. Chile, as well as the other Contracting Parties and members of the initiative´s contact group: Condesan, Birdlife and WWF, presented the main progress in the implementation of the High Andean Regional Strategy and discussed the status of the GEF project in regards to the evaluation of ecosystems services. More in English | español [12/12/12]

Tana Delta, Kenya: Specialists meet to share their concerns about the site

Dr Olivier Hamerlynck, Wetlands Ecologist at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford, UK shared a video link of the first session of the « Tana dialogues », a workshop that initiates a series of dialogues between researchers, decision makers and local stakeholders concerning key issues in the Tana Delta, the second most important estuarine and deltaic ecosystem in Eastern Africa and Kenya's 6th Ramsar Site. Dr Hamerlynck explains that "one of the outcomes is the fear that the new county governments that will be in charge after the march elections are not well equipped to deal with land use planning, ecosystem services thinking, participatory processes and power sharing in general. It is therefore proposed that one of the main "build-up" activities to the 2013 World Wetlands Day will be a panel discussion in National Museums looking at wetland issues as they relate to the process of devolution under the new constitution. This should happen on (or around) 23 January." Watch the video clip here. [11/12/2012]

10th anniversary of the accession of Kyrgyzstan to the Ramsar Convention

Kyrgyzstan has been implementing the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands since 1977 when they were a republic of the USSR. However in 2002, after independence, the government delivered their letter of accession to become a Contracting Party in their own rights to the Convention. On 19 November 2012, a symposium was held in the capital, Bishkek to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the accession of Kyrgyzstan as an independent country to the Ramsar Convention. More [10/12/12]

Latest issue of the STRP Newsletter

This year’s last issue of the Newsletter of the Scientific & Technical Review Panel (STRP) is now available online. Access it here to find out more about the latest wetland-related news and the work of the Panel.

Feel free to distribute it to your networks! Previous STRP newsletter issues can be downloaded here. [06/12/12]

Ramsar Site celebrations at Hunter Wetlands Centre, Australia

Report and photos by Anna Ryan, Ecotourism Manager, Hunter Wetlands Centre, Australia

First decade as Ramsar Site Celebrations were held in Newcastle NSW on 29 November to mark 10 years since Hunter Wetlands Centre Australia was listed as a Ramsar Site. Celebrations were marked with a cake and a group photograph, restaging a photo taken in February of 2003 shortly after the listing was announced. More [05/12/12]

Important new Ramsar Sites in Portugal

The Ramsar authority in Portugal has designated two new Wetlands of International Importance, bringing that country’s total to 30 Ramsar Sites covering 132,471 hectares. Read more about Pateira de Fermentelos Lake and Águeda and Cértima Valleys and Vascão River (Ribeira do Vascão). [05/12/2012]

Release of the 5th Ramsar Briefing Note

The Ramsar STRP’s new Briefing Note, Evaluating the risk to Ramsar Sites from climate change induced sea level rise, together with its web map service and data sets developed by and available from the Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) of Columbia University, present a preliminary assessment of coastal Ramsar Sites across the world that are at risk of inundation as a consequence of sea level rise. Read more about it. [03/12/2012]

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