First Wetland Managers Training Programme of the Ramsar Regional Center – East Asia in Chittagong, Bangladesh


The third Wetland Managers Training programme, and the first local language programme outside of Korea, was held from 20 to 23 April in the Korean Export Processing Zone (KEPZ) - a free trade zone managed by the YOUNGONE Group located in Chittagong Bangladesh. The Ramsar Regional Center – East Asia (RRC-EA) and Bangladesh POUSH, along with YOUNGONE Corp., hosted this meeting and supported 50 (40 from within Bangladesh and 10 international) participants.

This training programme, which involves the cooperation between independent business (YOUNGONE Corp.) and the RRC-EA, is aimed at improving the relationship between the private sector and the Regional initiative of the Ramsar Convention (the RRC-EA) in accordance to resolution X.12. This resolution, which provides for the alignment of business and the regional initiatives in order to develop and foster the awareness of business towards the environmental results of their actions, works towards developing environmental responsibility. It is the fervent desire of both the RRC-EA and the YOUNGONE Corporation, that this meeting be seen as an exemplary case in the implementation of Resolution X.12 for the Ramsar Convention. 

Participants close-up

The two organizations split the cost of the programme with YOUNGONE supplying approximately 1/2 of the total cost, which covered the meals and accommodation for the participants. This interaction will raise the image of the co-hosting business and create movement towards more interaction between business and the RRC-EA.

Participants attending the workshop

The programme consisted of a workshop held on the first day and 12 modules held over the remaining two days. More details on the content of the workshop are detailed in this document (PDF). On the final day, the participants joined a fieldtrip to Banskhali ECOPARK to observe the effects of management techniques on wetlands. 

Field trip to Banskhali ECOPARK

The workshop closed with a dinner, held by the chairperson of YOUNGONE Corp., Mr. KiHak Sung. The participants expressed their thanks and appreciation to YOUNGONE Corp. for their assistance in hosting the workshop. Following the dinner, Mr. Sung presented all in attendance with a gift of field jackets, made in his factory in the KEPZ.

Dinner between RRC-EA and KEPZ hosts

The assistance, which included funding for food and accommodations along with the venue, of YOUNGONE Corp. in hosting this training workshop, provides a large step towards the implementation of X.12 of the Ramsar Convention COP10 meeting held in Changwon City, South Korea. The RRC-EA is thankful to YOUNGONE Corp. for facilitating this training programme for the first time outside of Korea, which is the first step in improving the international visibility of the Wetland Managers Training Programme. As well, the RRC-EA extends special thanks to Mr. Jahangir Saadat (President of KEPZ), Mr. Shajahan (KPEZ GM), and Dr Sanowar Hossain (President of Bangladesh POUSH) for their assistance and help in facilitating the meeting. 

Birds on KEPZ property

Report by Maurice Lineman

International Communications Officer
Ramsar Regional Center - East Asia, South Korea

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