Ramsar Regional Center – East Asia Communications Officer reports on the visit of Indonesian Wetland and National Park managers in Korea


From 6 to 9 December, ten wetland and national park managers from the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry visited Korea to observe ecosystem, wetland and watershed management. The individuals were supported by funding from the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry with local support being provided by the Gyeongsangnam Provincial Government and the Ramsar Regional Center – East Asia.

Upo Crested Ibis Restoration Centre

The participants traveled to the Nakdong River Watershed Environment Office where they met with the Director of the Office, Mr. Sang Pal Lee who gave presentation on the watershed management and ecosystem conservation. This was followed by a presentation on ecosystems and wetland management from Keun Sun Lee the Director General of the Division of Clean Environment of Gyeongsangnam Do and Dr Gea Jae Joo, the Honorary Director of the Ramsar Regional Center – East Asia gave a presentation on the role of the Ramsar Regional Center – East Asia.

Ramsar Cultural Centre in Junam

On the second day, the Indonesian delegation toured Upo wetlands, a Ramsar Site, where they visited the Crested Ibis restoration center and then they traveled to the Daesan Water Treatment Plant. This was followed by a trip to Junam Reservoir where they learnt about Ramsar COP10 held in Changwon Korea, the establishment of the Ramsar Regional Center – East Asia and the Ramsar Cultural Center. Dr Joo gave a presentation on Wetlands and Culture and discussed the development of the Ramsar Cultural Center. The final day of the visit was marked by a trip to the Nakdong River Estuary Eco-Center where they were given the chance to study ecotourism and the operation of the Center.

Upo Wetland Eco-Centre

The RRC-EA and the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia will continue to develop this relationship through fostering further exchanges focusing on best practices of ecotourism and wetland management. 

A report by Maurice Lineman, International Communications Officer
Ramsar Regional Center - East Asia, South Korea

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