Ramsar’s 40th Anniversary at Stockholm World Water Week 2011

World Water Week 2011 is 21-27 August, 2011, in Stockholm, Sweden. The thematic scope of the 2011 World Water Week is "Water in an Urbanising World".

For 40 years, the Ramsar Convention has played a vital role in the world’s efforts to conserve and make sustainable use of wetlands. Because many of the problems faced by wetlands are ultimately associated with water use, the convention has addressed many issues relevant to water planning and management. As the human population continues to grow, water use also increases, and urbanisation continues to threaten wetlands. Finding a balance in this scenario is critical.

The Ramsar Convention has contributed to increased awareness of the connection between wetlands and water use, demonstrating the opportunities and constraints for using wetlands to address specific water management issues such as water storage, flood regulation, improving water quality and helping to create sustainable livelihoods through wise use. Yet many issues and challenges remain. How can Ramsar become more relevant to the water sector in terms of policy direction or implementation of better water resource management practices in the next 40 years?

At World Water Week 2011, the Ramsar Secretariat and partners will host a side event on the Wise Use Concept, integrated water resources management, wetlands and agriculture, and concepts for wetland observing systems. They will also discuss how to link awareness and wetlands conservation to the dominant water issues facing humanity today and in the future.

Presenters at the event include:

Nick Davidson (Ramsar Secretariat): Water and ecosystems: 40 years of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
Matthew McCartney (IWMI): Wetlands and agriculture: getting the balance right
Rob McInnes (RM Wetlands and Environment Ltd): What’s the difference between wetlands and urban water management infrastructure?
Mark Smith (IUCN): Incorporating wetlands in IWRM
Ania Grobiciki (GWP): The heart of the matter: is the natural environment at the core of integrated water resources management, or is it viewed as an add-on?
Ian Harrison (Conservation International): A concept for a global wetland observing system: a collaboration between Ramsar and GEO BON

For More information:

World Water Week Publications from IUCN

World Water Week Website: Water in an Urbanising World

IWMI - International Water Management Institute: Radical Overhaul of Agriculture can create farms which enhance rather than degrade the world’s ecosystems. IWMI is a key partner with the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands on the topic of the relationship between wetlands and agriculture.

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