First International Environment Forum for Basin Organizations



Freshwater Governance beyond Rio +20

The state of global freshwater resources is in crisis. Rivers, lakes, aquifers, wetlands, and other water bodies are being strained as human populations swell and economies expand. Both surface and groundwater resources are being depleted and polluted to an extent never before witnessed. And species, habitats, and ecosystems, as well as people and communities around the globe are increasingly suffering for it.

The 1st International Environment Forum for basin organizations will create a platform for basin organizations from all around the globe to work together towards strengthening the governance and management of transboundary basins through the adequate consideration and integration of environmental aspects. The Conference will be held at the UN Conference Center in Bangkok, Thailand, from 26-28 October 2011.

Basin organizations will have a unique opportunity to share experiences and best practices in meeting the environmental challenges they face and to discuss new approaches, build concrete partnerships and establish mechanisms for improving their capacities.

Expected Outcomes include:

  • The establishment of a regular platform for basin organizations to debate and work towards improving the governance and management of transboundary freshwater resources;
  • Strengthened legal, policy, fi nancial and institutional mechanisms to support basin organizations in meeting environmental challenges for both surface and groundwater resources;
  • Priority actions to strengthen the ecosystems in transboundary basins applicable to both surface and groundwater resources identifi ed by stakeholders;
  • Increased political and institutional support to international cooperative frameworks for the sustainable management of transboundary basins;
  • Contributions by basins organizations to international processes and fora such as the UNFCCC, the Stockholm World Water Week, the World Water Forum and others.

The Conference will bring together key stakeholders in the management of transboundary basins, such as heads of basin organizations and country heads of delegations to basin organizations, UN Agencies and other relevant international institutions, international fi nancial institutions, MEA Secretariats, civil society and academia. The Ministerial segment will gather Ministers of Environment and Water Resources as well as high level civil servants especially involved in basin organizations’ ministerial commissions.

More information is in the Conference Brochure [PDF].

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