Bird Project Funding Sources

Below is a list of funding opportunities that may be of interest to many of you that are working on bird-related projects.

Sound Approach Bird Fund
Offers funding up to £10,000 to bird conservation projects around the world. We're looking for projects that will have a significant conservation benefit, making a real impact on the survival of threatened species, for example:
-Research projects that aim to identify threats to bird populations;
-Projects which aim to eradicate or minimize identified threats;
-Projects to protect and assist endangered birds, e.g. safeguarding sites, habitat restoration;
-Surveys and other work to assess the status of threatened species and identify new species;
-Campaigns and outreach work to address the impact of human activity on birds, particularly relating to habitat destruction from industrial developments and hunting;
-Projects which raise awareness of bird conservation issues, e.g. through community work, schools, local decision-making or land-management organizations etc.
Deadline: no deadline, decisions within about 2 months of application.

African Bird Club
Makes Conservation Awards and Expedition Awards for conservation projects in Africa. Grants can be used for survey and research of African birds, educational projects, training courses, informational guides, and other ideas. Individuals and organizations can apply for grants of up to £2 thousand.  Applicants must be normally resident in Africa, and satisfy other criteria.
Deadline: Applications are due at the end of October, February and June.

Asian Waterbirds Conservation Fund
Supports the conservation of migratory waterbirds and their wetland habitats, as well as projects which bring socio-economic benefits to local communities. Maximum grant size is US$4 thousand.
Deadline: October 31

Birdfair/ RSPB Research Fund for Endangered Birds
Provides grants of up to US$2 thousand for research on endangered birds (IUCN's Red List).  Priority is for researchers working in their own countries, particularly in collaboration with BirdLife’s partners.
Deadline: October 31
British Ornithologists' Union - Small Research Grants and Career Development Support
Invites amateurs and professionals to apply for its Small Ornithological Research Grants. Most research grants are £1,000 (exceptionally up to £2,000) per project to support small projects outright, or to partly fund medium-sized programs. Grants are on any aspect of ornithological research in the UK and worldwide.
Deadline: November 30

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation
Funds projects in the USA, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean to promote the long-term conservation of neotropical migratory birds and their habitats.
Deadline: November 1
Association of Avian Veterinarians - Research Grants
Makes grants for research addressing clinical aspects of exotic and wild birds - including diagnostic tests, drug doses, practice management, and conservation.
Deadline: January 15

Association of Field Ornithologists - Research Awards
Makes grants for the study and conservation of birds. The E. Alexander Bergstrom Research Award is for field studies of birds in North America and Latin America. Grants for projects in Canada/ USA are up to US$1 thousand; grants for Latin America are up to US$1.5 thousand.
Deadline: Applications for Canada/ USA January 7; Latin America July 15.

The Pamela and Alexander Skutch Research Award is up to US$10 thousand for research on the life histories of little-known birds of the Continental Neotropics. Applicants for the Skutch Award can be of any nationality.
Deadline: January 7
Club 300 Foundation for Bird Protection
The Foundation, based in Sweden, makes grants of up to US$5 thousand for bird protection on a worldwide basis. Eligibility is open to everyone.
Deadline: January 1 and July 1

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