Ramsar Regional Center – East Asia Liaison Officer reports on the success of the 3rd Youth Model Ramsar Convention, Republic of Korea, 26-27 February


YMRC is a new concept of movement in raising awareness of future generations on environment conservation, especially wetlands. The process of creating resolutions, such as debate, makes future leaders learn by themselves the challenges that wetlands are currently facing and stimulates their interest in wetlands conservation.

The first YMRC was successfully organized by Busan International High School students in 2008 and was attended by approximately 100 young delegates. However, its covering area was limited in Busan, the second largest city in Republic of Korea, on account of difficulties in funding, promotion and administrative matters.

To overcome these difficulties and recreate it as a nation-wide and region-wide CEPA activity, RRC-EA has been participating in organizing YMRC since 2009. As a first step, RRC-EA expanded the range of promotion from local to national level. As a result, the number of participants was increased up to 150 with students coming from a wider range of locations.  

On February 26-27, over 160 high-school students from various areas in Korea got together to participate in the third YMRC in CECO Changwon, the venue of the Ramsar COP10. One brief lecture on wetland and culture was given by Prof. Gea Jae Joo, Honorary Director of RRC-EA, as a keynote speech in the opening session to emphasize the importance of wetlands and to higher the students’ interests on wetlands. All of the students had different roles in the meeting and during the plenary session, young delegates discussed and created resolutions to find out the shortcuts to save our precious wetland on three major issues in the world, which were “Wetland and Climate Change”, “Wetland and Culture” and “Development and Conservation”. Fervent debates among the student delegates were ended up with three resolutions that will be widely circulated to other high-school students in the country.

The activities were well organized and successful with the help of student secretariat. Due to the success of the YMRC 2010, RRC-EA will upgrade this national level event to regional level and is also in the process of creating protocols for YMRC event to share our experience with other partners. If any countries or organizations are interested in organizing YMRC, please contact us without any hesitation. We will do our best to support you.

Suh, Seung Oh

International Liaison Officer
Ramsar Regional Center – East Asia
Tel. +82 55 283 1080
Email: suhseungoh@gmail.com


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