Society of Wetland Scientists creates a Ramsar Section; establishes a Ramsar-SWS Student project award; and gives Ramsar DSG its International Fellow Award for 2010


The Society of Wetlands Scientists (SWS) has been working closely with Ramsar’s Scientific & Technical Review Panel for some years. At its June 2010 annual conference in Salt Lake City, USA, the SWS agreed to further strengthen the mechanisms for linking the expertise of its membership with Ramsar’s work through the creation of a special-interest “Ramsar Section” of the Society, with Ramsar's Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP) member George Lukacs as its inaugural Chair.


Participation in the Section is open to any member of the SWS, and the development of the Section will facilitate accessing the wetland science and technical expertise of the SWS members’ network into the work of the STRP in developing science-based guidance for Parties.

Also during the conference, Ramsar Deputy Secretary General Nick Davidson announced the agreement to establish an annual “Ramsar-SWS Student Project Award” to complement a number of student awards already given by SWS. This special category of award will be given to projects of direct relevance to the implementation of the Ramsar Convention, including on priority issues being addressed by the STRP.

Nick Davidson (right) receiving the SWS International Fellow Award

The inaugural award for 2010 goes to Christian Dunn of the University of Bangor, UK for research into ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions during peatland restoration rewetting. Finally at its Awards ceremony in Salt Lake City, the SWS recognized DSG Nick Davidson as the recipient of its “International Fellow Award for 2010”. This award, given biennially, recognizes significant long-term contributions to global wetland science.

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