"Achieving Carbon Offsets through Mangroves and Other Wetlands” – expert workshop report now available.


As part of implementing the “Danone Fund for Nature”(DFN) – a partnership between the Danone Group, IUCN – International Union for Conservation of Nature and the Ramsar Convention – an expert workshop was held in Gland, Switzerland in November 2009.

The workshop brought together those directly involved in the implementation of the Danone Fund for Nature with a wider group of experts from other organizations, including Ramsar’s Scientific & Technical Review Panel (STRP), with expertise in one or more aspects of mangrove restoration, wetland restoration, carbon measurement (in mangroves and other types of wetland), and carbon offsets and markets, for the purpose of reviewing and advising on the further development of the Danone/IUCN/Ramsar initiative in the context of other wetland-related carbon storage and offsets initiatives and projects, and with a particular focus on mangroves. The outputs from the workshop will be relevant not only to the further implementation of the DFN but also to the work of other organizations and processes addressing issues of carbon and wetlands.

The final report of the workshop is now available for download in .pdf format [here], and includes workshop conclusions and recommendations for further work on: establishing small-scale and large-scale carbon offset certification methodologies for mangroves; elaboration of the DFN restoration project guidance documentation for carbon projects; and identification of the main opportunities for reconciling wetland carbon offsets and social development in different types of both coastal and inland wetlands. The report also includes a baseline and monitoring methodology for carbon restoration project activities implemented on wetlands such as mangroves, and a qualitative ‘decision support tool’ (DST) matrix for carbon offset potential in different wetland types, developed during the workshop.

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