40th anniversary celebrations in the Americas- management


Management of Ramsar Sites in the Americas: Towards the Wise Use of Wetlands

As part of the Ramsar Convention's 40th Anniversary celebrations, the Ramsar Secretariat, through its Americas team, is seeking to recognize and disseminate experiences that illustrate the activities related to the management of Ramsar Sites in the Americas that have allowed their conservation and wise use.

The criteria for participation are the following:

Deadline for submitting proposals: 20 December 2010 (24:00 CET); proposals received after this date will not be accepted.

Who can participate
: The public and private institutions that manage or co-manage one or more Wetlands of International Importance in the Americas Region.

Procedure for submission of proposals: Proposals must be submitted electronically to the Americas Unit of the Ramsar Secretariat (americas@ramsar.org / rivera@ramsar.org) in Spanish or English using the form provided.

Selection process of proposals
: The selection will be undertaken by a committee including the Ramsar Secretariat, wetland management experts, partner organizations, and the Americas regional representatives on the Standing Committee of the Convention. The committee will select the two best proposals. The first prize will be a financial reward to be used for future management activities at the site and an opportunity for the winner to visit another Ramsar Site in the Americas to exchange experiences. The second prize will be a financial reward to be used for future management activities at the site.

The winners will be presented with their prizes during the Convention's 40th anniversary celebration for the Americas Region in Mexico City on 2 February 2011. Additionally, the selected experiences will be announced on the website of the Ramsar Secretariat. 

Please download the submission form here

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