36th Meeting of the Ramsar

36th Meeting of the Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland, 25-29 February 2008
Agenda item 15.1
DOC. SC36-21

Overview of anticipated policy and procedural COP10 draft Resolutions and guidelines

Action requested: The Standing Committee is invited to note the list of draft COP10 policy and procedural Resolutions anticipated thus far, enumerating draft Resolutions that it is expected the Committee will receive for its 37th meeting for consideration and transmittal to COP10.

Note by the Ramsar Secretariat

1. This note provides a summary list of COP10 draft Resolutions on policy and procedural matters which it can be anticipated will need final approval for COP consideration by the 37th meeting of the Standing Committee. This note should be read in conjunction with the list of anticipated scientific and technical draft Resolutions from the work of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel, provided in DOC. SC36-08.

2. This initial list covers chiefly those recurring draft Resolutions that need to be considered at each COP, such as the one on "Financial and budgetary matters", which adopts the Convention's core budget for the next triennium, and those that are currently of a time-limited nature and need extending in their term of implementation, such as those on the Strategic Plan, the CEPA Programme, regional initiatives, and the Small Grants Fund. Others, such as the one on the status of sites in the Ramsar List, arise from requests from previous COPs to bring matters back to COP for consideration.

3. This list of draft Resolutions does not include any which may be submitted to COP by a Contracting Party or Parties under the revised Rules of Procedure adopted at COP9. Under the current Rules of Procedure the deadline for submission of such draft Resolutions is 22 April 2008, 40 days prior to the final meeting in the triennium of the Standing Committee during which materials for COP consideration can be approved.

4. The draft Resolution indicated as "Possible" concerns matters that will need further consideration by the Standing Committee.

5. Taken together with those on scientific and technical aspects of the Convention (DOC. SC36-08), the current minimum number of anticipated draft COP10 Resolutions to date is fifteen.

6. The Annex below also includes an initial list of anticipated policy and procedural COP10 Information Papers, which provide supporting information to various aspects of the COP's debates.


A) Draft Resolutions (DRs)

  • The Convention's Strategic Plan 2009-2014
  • The Convention's CEPA Programme 2009-2014
  • The Ramsar Small Grants Fund and revised Operational Guidelines for 2009-2011
  • Financial and budgetary matters
  • The status of sites in the Ramsar List
  • Synergies with other bodies
  • Regional initiatives operating within the framework of the Convention
  • Thanks to the host country (prepared during COP)
  • Review of past COP decisions

B) COP Information Papers

COP10 DOC 1 Provisional Annotated Agenda and Programme
COP10 DOC 2 Rules of Procedure for meetings of the COP
COP10 DOC 3 Report of the Chair of the Standing Committee
COP10 DOC 4 Report of the Chair of the STRP
COP10 DOC 5 Report of the Secretary General on implementation at the global level
COP10 DOC 6 Report of the Secretary General pursuant to Article 8.2
COP10 DOC 7 Regional overview of implementation: Africa
COP10 DOC 8 Regional overview of implementation: Asia
COP10 DOC 9 Regional overview of implementation: Europe
COP10 DOC 10 Regional overview of implementation: Neotropics
COP10 DOC 11 Regional overview of implementation: North America
COP10 DOC 12 Regional overview of implementation: Oceania
COP10 DOC 13 Report on the MedWet Initiative
COP10 DOC 14 Progress report on implementation of regional initiatives operating within the framework of the Convention, 2006-2008
COP10 DOC 15 Implementation of the CEPA Programme 2006-2008
COP10 DOC 16 Annual contribution arrears
COP10 DOC xx Admission of observers (prepared during COP)
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