World Wetlands Day in Seychelles


World Wetlands Day 2007 in Seychelles

(Dr. Pugazhendhi Murugaiyan, Wetlands & Rivers, Department of Environment, Box - 1145, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles)

World Wetlands Day was celebrated in Seychelles in all the four major islands Mahe, Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette this year. That day's main functions were held on Mahe, at the Anse Intendance Wetlands area - where the five star Hotel Banyan Tree Resorts & Spa is located. Selected School children from all the 8 Secondary Schools took part together with the Primary school children from the Anse Intendance wetlands area. Nearly seventy participants altogether took part in the event.

Environment Minister's address and Planting of Coco de Mer seed at the Hotel lawn to mark the Day:

Our Minister for environment and Natural Resources Mr. Ronny Jumeau addressed the gathering on the conservation and protection of wetlands and adoption of wetlands by private agencies like the Banyan Tree hotels. Also on the importance of wetlands on our local fisheries and the key role played by the wetlands

To mark the WWD - 2007 a viable Coco de Mer nut - world's largest angiospermic seed bearing palm endemic to the Seychelles islands ( Lodoicea maldivica) was planted in the lawn of the Hotel by the Minister and the Manager of the Hotel Mr. Shane Mc Nally and the school children.

Donation of Sr- 20,000 - 00 to Wetlands conservation by Banyan tree Hotel:

On behalf of the Hotel Ms. Mc Nally donated SR- 20,000 rupees approximately equal to 4000 USD toward the conservation and protection measures of wetlands in Seychelles. All school children were guided through the board walk built in the wetlands area by the hotel environment wetlands staff explained on different aspects of the wetlands.

Seychelles Fisheries Authority demonstration on the Wetland fauna:

To commemorate this years slogan, "Wetlands support fisheries - keep them healthy" the Seychelles Fisheries Authority also took part in the field demonstration of the wetland (mangrove ) fishes and Crabs by placing traps at the Anse Boileau wetlands area. Several Tilapia, Macanbale, Red crabs were trapped in the traps. Students were shown on the rich fauna of the wetlands and the necessity to protect and conserve them.

WWD posters and T shirts:

Local AirTel Telecommunication Company had sponsored the WWD banners for this year, the Department organized the T shirts with the slogan "Anou gard nou Lanmar Prop" mean "Let us protect our Wetlands".

WWD on Praslin, La Digue & Silhouette:

Similar activities involving school children and wetland staff and environment coordinators - Praslin and La Digue Islands were held on the same day. Students visited the important wetland areas of the islands and observed the wetland ecosystems functions and values. Field demonstrations on the dried fish preparation and knowledge transfer from the fishermen to the youths, trail walk along the wetlands took place.

Local NGO's Nature Seychelles and Nature Protection Trust Seychelles participate and assisted in the Silhouette world Wetlands Day activities with school children. School children were shown on the fresh water terrapins ( Pelusios subniger & P. Parietalis) by NPTS.

World Wetland Day - 2007 Quiz competition:

To mark this years WWD a grand quiz competition was organized and conducted by the Wetland Unit together with Ministry of Education and Youth. This program was sponsored by the Cable & Wireless Ltd - a local telecommunications provider. Final of the quiz was telecasted in the national SBC TV to the public. Anse Boileau Secondary school came first and the Praslin Secondary came as runner up. Both teams were awarded with trophy and certificates and other prizes.

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