World Wetlands Day in Slovenia


Report on WWD Activities from Slovenia

On 2. february 2007 the State Secretary of Ministry for Environment and Space Marko Starman signed a contract for subsidising two LIFE - Nature 2006 projects - Intermittent Cerknica Lake and Conservation of the biodiversity of the Mura river (BIOMURA). Some awareness-building workshops were undertaken on primary schools and there was also a presentation of a new book from Paul Veenvlieta and Jana Kus Veenvliet Fish of Slovene continental waters.

More about LIFE - Nature projects 2006:

Lake Cerknica is the largest intermittent lake in Europe. The goal of this project is to ensure long term favorable conditions for the conservation of habitat type 3180 TORLOUGHS (intermittent lake) as well as for other endangered habitat types laid down in Annex 1 of the Habitat Directive and thus also favourable conditions for the nesting of endangered bird species, for life of amphibians, butterflies and other animal. The project is the pilot project of restoration of former watercourses that were levelled in the previous century in order to insure faster outflow of water. A lot of work will be also done on rising the awareness of people through education, promotion and direct example of good nature conservation practice.

The main aim of the BIOMURA project is to protect habitats and flora and fauna target species listed in the Habitat and Bird directives that are present in the area and to restore ecological character of the Mura river corridor to meet the needs of wetland ecology. Actions will be performed on 15.2 km2 large flood area of the Mura river in Slovenia. Following measures will be implemented: a connection of the main channel of the Mura River with side channels, provision of conditions for the adequate water level at the intake of water into side branches, local widening of the channel, sustainable maintenance of alluvial forests and side channels.

Signing of Life project contracts


Biomura: Mura backwater

Biomura: upupa epops

Biomura: ixobrychus minutus


Cerknisko jezero: Orchis palustris
Cerknisko jezero: Motacilla flava


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