World Wetlands Day in Asia


Society of Wilderness of Taiwan

Dear Ramsar Convention Secretariat:

I am a volunteer of SOW (The Society of Wilderness in Taiwan). We just finished translating the WWD 2007 poster and leaflet into the Traditional Chinese. We hope we can get your authorization to publish the Traditional Chinese version on the Internet Non-profitably. Everyone can download from the SOW webpage.

In Taiwan, wetland SHOULD be an important issue, but few people (always less than the people being eager for economic development) care about this issue.

Overfished is a serious problem for Taiwanese. People usually enjoy their delicious sea food, but seldom notice the extinction of those animals.

The Society of Wilderness, since established in 1995, always promote the conservation of the Wilderness habitats and the environmental education. However, most of the habitats which the SOW wants to protect usually are wetland, the productivity is higher than other habitats. We hope we can spread the Traditional Chinese version on the Internet and awaken the Taiwanese of the overfished seriousness. We also hope that more and more Chinese in the World would take action to be smart consumers by reading this leaflet.
If it is neccessary to inform you before translating and using the photos, please excuse us for complying with this regulation because we are not sure that we could finish it in time. We also want to share our translation to you. If you want to spread the version on the Internet, we are very glad.

Everyone can download from . If we have any mistake, please email to us. We will correct it right away.

Thank you very much.

Yours Sincerely, Yuan-Tsai in Taipei

WWD leaflet in traditional Chinese (PDF)

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