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Report on World Wetlands Day Greece Re: public transport publicity event

A 20 day publicity period on World Wetlands Day launched by the MedWet Secretariat in collaboration with the public transport of Athens came full cycle on 2 February. Marking the adoption of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in 1971 the day is an occasion to take action to bring the message and sensitize the public on the values of wetlands.

‘Working with the public transport system is a significant step in the effort to raise public awareness of wetland values’ says MedWet Secretariat Coordinator, Spyros Kouvelis. ‘The advertisement on Wetlands Day shown on the screens of the electric car fleet is brought to an average of over 60,000 passengers per day. It is an innovative way to sow the seed of awareness to a wider scale public than in past Wetland Day celebrations in Athens’ he adds.

Run frequently at an interval of about 3-4 stops most of the passengers traveling on the electric cars will have the opportunity to receive the outreach message on World Wetlands Day.

Introduced for the 2004 Olympic Games the electric cars running the World Wetlands Day message are among the greenest fleets of the capital. Moreover, the advertisement being paper-free, offers a suitably ‘green’ medium for the message.

The advertisement features an image kindly offered by the Greek Biotope / Wetlands Center. Photo Credit: Volvi Lake, S. Milionis

Sponsored by the public transport company TRAM SA

Sofia Spirou
Communications Officer
MedWet Secretariat
145 61 Kifissia, GREECE

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