Wetland capacity building award in Africa


Crane Bank Ramsar Award for the Wise Use of Wetlands

It is with great pleasure that the Secretariat of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971) announces the creation of the Crane Bank Ramsar Award to promote the wise use concept of wetlands in the Africa region.

With the generous support of the Crane Bank, the prize will be awarded to African young professionals and support the costs for two young wetland managers to travel to Uganda and have a tour of duty for two weeks with Uganda's Wetlands Inspection Division. The tour should allow the recipients to inspire themselves from the successful experience of Uganda in establishing institutional and technical support for wetlands management and bring their experiences back to their home institutions.

The Prize will be awarded every year to two individuals with an established track record of achievement and the potential to make outstanding contributions to the wise use of wetlands consistent with Ramsar's policies and objectives.

The Award will act as an incentive for environmental efforts that are sustainable and replicable in the long-term. It provides an opportunity for South-South cooperation and recognizes the need for African countries to have a more global vision for wetlands management for the elaboration of effective policies.

Each candidate's scope of activities will be associated with the environmental theme selected for the year as indicated on the nomination form. In 2006, the theme for which candidates will be eligible is 'wetland inventory and assessment'.

A selection panel, comprising one representative from the Ramsar Secretariat and the Africa representatives on the Ramsar Standing Committee, will select the two winners, who will be announced at a press event in Uganda. Nominations from their employing institute are welcome for practicing young wetland managers who have not yet reached 35 years old. No candidate may nominate himself or herself, and past recipients cannot be re-nominated.

Nomination form (deadline for application: 1 June 2006)

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