United Republic of Tanzania's wetland action plan


Tanzania prepares an Action Plan for the implementation of the Ramsar Strategic Plan 2006-2008

The Ramsar Secretariat is pleased to announce that the government of the United Republic of Tanzania has prepared a draft action plan for implementation of the Convention until 2008.

The document includes all of the Ramsar operational objectives from wetland inventories to the development of partnerships for the wise use of wetlands which are prioritized according to national needs.

The plan of implementation will involve various stakeholders from governmental departments (Wildlife Division, Prime Minister's Office, Regional Administration and Local Government), research agencies (Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute, and University College of Lands and Architectural Survey), and the energy sector (Tanzania Electricity Supplies Company).

It's worth noting that the plan also intends to produce a National State of Wetlands Report every two years and promulgate a law which controls activities in wetland ecosystems in Tanzania.

According to the plan, once the first National State of Wetlands Report is produced, Tanzania will develop a National Wetlands Strategy which will fully integrate wetland matters into other development planning processes such as food security and poverty alleviation.

The Ramsar Secretariat would like to urge all the Contracting Parties to follow the example of Tanzania and prepare a similar document to facilitate the implementation of the Convention at national level.

This same document could also serve as a work program to reactivate the dormant National Wetlands Committees in the region.

-- Abou Bamba
Senior Advisor for Africa


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