Thème pour la Journée mondiale des zones humides 2008 et pour la COP10


Thème pour la Journée mondiale des zones humides 2008 et pour la COP10

Dans sa décision SC35-14 (février 2007), le Comité permanent de la Convention a décidé que le thème/slogan pour la Journée mondiale des zones humides en février 2008 ainsi que pour la 10e Session de la Conférence des Parties contractantes en octobre/novembre 2008 sera « Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People »

The theme for World Wetlands Day 2008 and Ramsar COP10

In Decision SC35-14 (February 2007), the Ramsar Standing Committee agreed that the theme/slogan both for World Wetlands Day in February 2008 and for the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties in October/November 2008 should be "Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People".

The SC Decisions were translated into French and Spanish at that time, but since then there has been extended discussion of those translations of the slogan itself.

Consensus has finally been achieved, however, and these are the three official language versions of the WWD and COP10 slogan, superseding those in the meeting's Decisions:

"Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People"
"Notre santé dépend de celle des zones humides"
"Humedales Sanos, Gente Sana"

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