The Ramsar Wetland Conservation Awards 2008


The Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award
for actions that have significantly contributed to
long-term conservation and sustainable use of wetlands


This is what past winners of the Ramsar Awards say:

"There was a marked change in perception of the government, funding agencies, collaborating institutions and partners after the receipt of the Award. It has been well received by the local communities, and the community-based organisations and NGOs were extremely proud of the achievement."

-- A. J. Pattnaik, for the Chilika Development Authority, 1999 winner [full text]

"I received the Ramsar Award, in the 'Individual'category, in 1999 at the meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties held in Costa Rica, and since that time I have been fortunate in being able to achieve a great deal, both at the personal level and for the benefit of the country."

--Victor Pulido, 1999 co-winner [full text]

"Winning the Award has had the greatest impact on our reputation as a leader of wetland education in our own region. This recognition has allowed us to play a more significant role in guiding decisions about wetlands in the region where we work. But it has also enhanced our reputation at the state and national level, especially from the government perspective."

-- Tara Ure, for the Hunter Wetlands Centre, 2005 co-winner [full text]

"Since the awarding, more symposiums and seminars related to environmental issues have invited me as a keynote speaker and/or panelist, and I was given opportunities to talk about the Ramsar Convention and activities of Ramsar Center Japan quite often."

-- Reiko Nakamura, 2005 winner [full text]

"Despite the existence of political differences, the Ramsar Award stimulated cooperation among the three countries, resulting after one year - in 2000 - in the establishment of the Prespa Transboundary Park, the first in the Balkan Peninsula and Southern Europe."

--Myrsini Malakou, for the Society for the Protection of Prespa, co-winner, 1999 [full text]

"It was a great honor for me to win the Ramsar Scientific Award in 2005. [It] is not only the reward of my work these years but also brings me many opportunities and challenges… In recent years, I have proposed some concrete advice on Lake Hong in Hubei province and on Dajiu Lake's wetland restoration and protection in order to convince the State and Provincial government to invest 70 million renminbi on it - remarkable results have been achieved, such as the improvement of the water quality of Lake Hong…"

--Cai Shuming, 2005 winner [full text]

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