The Ramsar Bulletin Board, 5 September 2007

Implementation of Ramsar Convention on High Andean wetlands. "We are pleased to announce the first results of our participatory monitoring programme that started in 2006 in Lake Fúquene. This monitoring team was formed with local community representatives last year to evaluate the state of this Andean ecosystem (which is also part of the HumedAndes initiative). Results of the monitoring programme will be used to propose management actions and for the development of the Management Plan of this wetland complex. Please see news about this group and its legal recognition by the Agriculture Ministry. The whole process, creation of the committee with local people, development of the participatory monitoring programme, etc. are steps in the implementaion of Ramsar Resolution IX.1 dealing with monitoring and also towards the implementation of the Ecosystem Approach for management of the CBD. The monitoring programme, and the Committee itself, have the support of national and local government." -- Lorena Franco Vidal, Fundación Humedales, Bogotá, Colombia. [30/08/07]

Poster on Wetlands, Biodiversity, and Climate Change. Many Ramsar Contracting Parties are taking steps to cope with climate change. Ramsar's Resolution VIII.3 recognizes "the potentially important role of wetlands in adapting and mitigating climate change". The Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP) is actively working again on that issue, and we look forward to sharing with you the results of this important work. As part of the STRP's work, the Secretariat in March of this year was pleased to host a joint Ramsar/CBD expert workshop on "Wetlands, Water, Biodiversity, and Climate change" in the framework of the 4th CBD/Ramsar Joint Work Plan. One recent output of this work is an attractive and informative poster summarizing the importance and role of wetlands in climate change mitigation and adaptation. This is available in PDF format on the Ramsar Web site here, and we hope that it will be helpful to you in reinforcing partnerships on water-wetlands-biodiversity and climate change issues. Further materials developed from this workshop and the work of the STRP will become available between now and the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties in late 2008. [24/08/07]

WWD 2008 : Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People. The Convention's suggested theme for World Wetlands Day, 2 February 2008, is Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People, and this will also be the theme for Ramsar's 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties in October-November 2008 in the Republic of Korea. As we approach World Wetlands Day, we have taken an opportunity to introduce to the Ramsar community, and the people you reach out to, a few key topics that exemplify both the direct, positive effects on human health of maintaining healthy wetlands - such as the provision of food, clean water, pharmaceutical products, etc. - and the direct negative effects of mismanaging wetlands that result in the impairment of our health and even the loss of life - such as through the effects of water-related diseases, burning peatlands, floods, and water pollution. Read more here about the materials that the Secretariat is preparing on these themes for you to use, free of charge, in your WWD activities.[21/08/07]

Support for the Ramsar CEPA Programme from UNEP-DELC. The United Nation's Environment Programme - Division of Environmental Law and Conventions has signed an MOU with the Ramsar Secretariat that will fund the development of a CEPA Action Planning toolkit. While this will be primarily of use to Ramsar's National CEPA Focal Points and others in Ramsar's Administrative Authorities engaged in implementing the Convention's CEPA Programme, the toolkit is intended to be of broader use for other CEPA professionals as well. The toolkit will be developed by IUCN's Learning and Leadership unit in collaboration with the Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) and through consultation with a number of Ramsar's CEPA Focal Points. The toolkit, which should be ready by December and available online, will complement a CEPA toolkit developed by CEC for the Convention on Biological Diversity earlier this year. [08/08/07]

Message from the new Secretary General. Mr Anada Tiéga is officially taking up his post as Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention, and in his first message to the Ramsar community he presents the challenges and opportunities ahead and expresses his belief that through openness, teamwork, and good will we can achieve some remarkable things in the years ahead. A native of Niger, Anada first came to Ramsar in the late 1990s from his post as IUCN's Regional Coordinator for West Africa, and he served for nearly six years as our "Regional Coordinator" for Africa (now called Senior Advisor for Africa). He went on to serve as Project Manager for the GEF project "Reversal of Land and Water Degradation Trends in the Lake Chad Basin Ecosystem", and has now come back to us in the role of the Convention's fourth Secretary General. Anada's message is here, and the Chair of the Standing Committee's announcement of Anada's appointment, 7 May 2007, is here. [03/08/07]

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