National Ramsar Committee established in Mali


Mali names National Ramsar Committee

Following the Recommendation 5.13 of COP5, held from 9-16 June 1993 in Kushiro, Japan, the government of Mali has established its Ramsar National Committee. By the Ministerial Joint Decree no. 06/3173/MAE-MEP-MAT-MEN-MATCL-MA-MMEE-MSIPC-SG of the 29th of December 2006, the ministries of Environment, Fisheries and Livestock, Handcraft and Tourism, National Education, Territorial Administration and Local Communities, Agriculture, Mining Energy and Water, and National Security and Civil Protection, have created the Ramsar National Committee which, includes senior government representatives, university professors, government organizations and NGOs with different qualifications in the field of wetlands management. The committee has taken up its new responsibilities from the date its composition decree has been signed.

The decree creating the committee has 12 articles around which are articulated its functioning and makes provision for the creation of regional and local Ramsar committees.

Article 1 indicates that the Committee is in charge of the overall implementation of the Convention at the national level.

The objectives of the Committee, which will meet twice a year, are among others: (i) implementation of the National Wetlands Policy, (ii) preparing the COPs' sessions, (iii) coordinating the fundraising effort for wetland management, (iv) preparing and organizing World Wetlands Day, (v) establishing a collaborative framework for synergy with other MEAs ratified by Mali, etc.

In addition to the government representatives, the Committee includes the Head of IUCN and Wetlands International Offices in the country and the focal points of the biodiversity related MEAs (Ramsar, CCD, CBD, CMS, CITES, AEWA, etc.).

The committee's activities are coordinated by the National Directorate for Nature Conservation, which is under the administrative supervision of the Ministry of Environment.

The creation of such a committee is the result of collaborative efforts of the Ramsar Secretariat and the Ministry of Environment of Mali.

The Ramsar Secretariat would like to urge the other Contracting Parties that have not established their National Wetlands Committees to do so, as it is a useful tool to facilitate the implementation of the Convention and synergy with the other MEAs at the national level.

-- Abou Bamba, Senior Advisor for Africa

Arrete Interministeriel no. 06/3173 portant creation, organisation et modalités de fonctionnement du Comité national Ramsar (PDF)

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