Coastal Patagonia wetlands are focus of WFF project

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Wetlands for the Future Project enhances the importance of coastal Patagonian wetlands for migratory birds

The Ramsar Secretariat is pleased to present the results of the project “Importance of coastal Patagonian wetlands as critical areas for the survival of coastal birds. Towards a strong awareness raising action for communities, governmental and intermediate entities” (WFF/04/AR/4), coordinated by Dr. Luis Bala from the National Patagonian Center. The project has stressed the critical roll that coastal Patagonian wetlands play for the survival of coastal migratory birds and has achieved a significant raise in the awareness of functionaries, professionals, NGOs and public in general about the importance of the conservation and wise use of this ecosystems. If you would like to read more about it, we invite you to visit the Web page of the project: Information available in Spanish only. [08/11/07]

Proyecto del Fondo de Humedales para el Futuro destaca la importancia de los humedales patagónicos para las aves migratorias

La Secretaría de Ramsar se complace en dar a conocer los resultados del proyecto “Importancia de los humedales costeros patagónicos como sitios críticos para la supervivencia de aves playeras. Hacia una fuerte acción concientizadora dirigida a la comunidad y entidades gubernamentales e intermedias” (WFF/04/AR/4) a cargo del Dr. Luis Bala del Centro Nacional Patagónico. El proyecto ha destacado el papel crítico que desempeñan los humedales costeros patagónicos para la supervivencia de aves playeras migratorias y ha logrado elevar significativamente la conciencia de funcionarios, profesionales, ONG y público en general sobre la importancia de conservar y manejar racionalmente estos ecosistemas. Si desea obtener mayor información, le invitamos a visitar la página de Internet de este proyecto

-- Mila Llorens, Ramsar

-- photos, Laboratorio Humedales Utilizados por Aves Migratorias

The Secretariat of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971), the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service support the Wetlands for the Future Fund (WFF) training initiative for the Western Hemisphere, first begun in 1997. This activity promotes the implementation of the concept of "wise use" of wetlands through the strengthening of the capacity of countries to manage their wetland resources in perpetuity and by contributing to the integration of wetland conservation and management with the development process. All proposed activities must be in line with the principles, recommendations and guidelines of the Ramsar Convention. For more information about the WFF, see

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