Wetlands International's 'Training of Trainers'


Wetlands International will be rolling out the first in the series of trainings planned within the Wetlands and Poverty Reduction Project (WPRP).

This Anglophone Training of Trainers (ToT) for East and West Africa will be held in the Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute in Naivasha, Kenya, from the 27th of November until the 15th of December 2006.

The Opening Ceremony on Monday the 27th of November 2007 will be chaired by the WPRP Training Board Chair, Ruth Mitei of SNV Kenya, and supported by David Smith of the Poverty and Environment Initiative lead by UNEP, Prof. G. Owiti of the Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute, and Col. Abdoulaye Ndiaye of the Wetlands International Africa Programme.

Wetlands International is a non-governmental organisation with 16 offices all over the world. Its aim is to sustain and restore wetlands, their resources and biodiversity for future generations. Their Wetlands and Poverty Reduction Project aims to reduce poverty in wetland areas, among others by improving the cooperation between development organisations and conservation organisations. By the end of 2007 the capacity building part of the project intends to have trained over 120 policy makers and over 150 practitioners of wetland management.

The upcoming Training of Trainers is aimed at building a resource pool of experts who will eventually support the full fledged roll out of the regional courses. A Francophone ToT course will be held in the first quarter of 2007. The courses consist of four modules laid down in a short syllabus for policy makers and a more extensive syllabus for practitioners of wetland management. The modules were developed on the basis of stakeholder consultations and concern:

  • Wetlands and water resource management
  • Wetland valuation
  • Policy setting and advocacy
  • Financial mechanisms (Biorights and Saving for Change)

The modules were developed through consultancies with UNESCO-IHE, the Foundation for Sustainable Development, the Ghana Environmental Protection Agency, the Uganda Wetlands Division and Wetlands International. Oxfam America fully supported the development of the component on Saving for Change. Wageningen International (a part of Wageningen University and Research Centre and formerly known as International Agricultural Centre) coordinated the development of the Training of Trainers and provided technical support to the module development.

Expected participants are from various environmental, water and development institutions, government agencies and NGOs from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Nigeria. The participants were invited and selected on the basis of the following criteria (which were approved by the WPRP Training Board):

  1. Available for long term commitment to training activities
  2. Mid-level professionals (30-45)
  3. Basic knowledge in English
  4. Working experience in 1 of the 4 topics (Disciplinary mix)
  5. Minimum of 5 years training experience
  6. Minimum of a first degree
  7. The Wetlands and Poverty Reduction Project is funded by DGIS (part of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

For more info relating to WPRP please contact the Project Manager, Trevor Wickham trevor.wickham@wetlands.org

For specific issues related to the capacity building component of WPRP, contact the WI Global Capacity Building Coordinator, Tunde Ojei tunde.ojei@wetlands.org

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