Third Wetland Training Seminar in the Czech Republic


Czech training seminar in fishpond management

Fishpond management, restoration and nature conservation
16 - 18 October 2006

This training seminar, the third in the new programme "Wetland Training Seminars in the Czech Republic", launched in 2004 jointly by the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic and the Wetland Training Centre operating as part of the NGO ENKI, took place in the Trebon Basin Landscape Protected Area where two Czech Ramsar sites are located - RS Trebon fishponds and RS Trebon peatlands.

The main aim of this seminar was to bring together two sectors concerned with fishpond management - that of nature conservation and fishpond managers - and enhance communication between them. Fishponds are man-made, shallow water bodies that would cease to exist without effective fish production, but at the same time there are many interests in these sites within nature conservation bodies. The interests of these two sides often seem to be contradictory and result in conflicts. The seminar openly discussed those conflicts and searched for ways of optimal management of these fishponds - that is management that results in economic fish production and is sensitive to the natural or semi-natural environment. Such management could be considered as sustainable in the long run.

The programme

16 - 17 October; lectures presented:

Wetlands - wetland definition, classification and wetland functioning in the landscape - M. Eiseltova
Wetland vegetation - adaptability of water and wetland plants, primary production of wetlands - J. Kvet
Functions of fishponds in the landscape - J. Pokorny
Fishpond management, principles of sustainable utilization of fishponds, fishpond degradation and possible solution - I. Prikryl and R. Faina
The Restoration Programme of the Czech Republic, with a focus on fishponds - T. Just
Technical and water management solutions to renew natural fish migration - M. Dusek
How nature conservation annoys the fish producers - R. Osicka
How fish producers annoy nature conservationists - J. Bures
Legislation dealing with water and fish production - J. Drahota
Fish production from the point of view of legislation of the Czech Republic and EU on nature conservation, Natura 2000 - V. Stejskal
Compensation for production loss of fishponds in nature reserves and grant programmes of the Czech Republic and EU - L. Vokasova
Methodology of water sampling and water analyses for basic hydrological and hydrochemical characteristics of fishponds - R. Faina and I. Prikryl
Economics of fishpond management in Austria - G. Schlott
Wetland Conservation at international level; Ramsar Convention - L. Vlasakova

18 October
Field excursion to fishponds

The seminar was attended by more than 55 participants (including 13 lecturers), coming from state organizations responsible for nature conservation, environmental inspection, river authorities, regional councils, fish production and fishpond management companies, Ministry of Environment and NGOs. The topic of the seminar was most welcome and the programme content very well rated.

We would like to thank all participants for attending and asking abundant questions which made the seminar lively, seminar lecturers for their highly interesting and relevant contributions and all those who helped with the logistics.

On behalf of the organizers: Libuse Vlasakova, Martina Eiseltova and Jan Pokorny

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