World Wetlands Day 2005 -- Bangladesh


From: Farmers' Voice []
Sent: 21 February 2005 19:05
To: HIGGINS Valerie - Ramsar

Krisoker Saar (Farmers' Voice) could integrate the World Wetland day into its ongoing research, motivation and action pertinent to birds, wetlands and local fish conservation. The first event was organized on our National Victory day gathering. We built a large Heron structure, inserted oneself inside. And the heron walked through the festival holding a slogan "You will not die if you don't eat a natural bird". We gathered a lot of comments and questions for the research. Most of the people had a knock in their thinking level in a constructive way of looking at a natural bird.

The second programme was in the village on 30 January. School children did promised and marked a part of the communitie's wetland Shimulbhanga canal (For details visit the link "Pain and joy of Shimulbhanga" on with colourful flags with the hope of attract the attention of the Samaj and join their hands to children's initiative of renovating the Canal. Both of the events video clip(15 minutes) will be available soon. We couldn't make any photo of children's event. Because our camera was out of film then. Sorry.

Dear Valerie, a photo of the heron is attached here. And may be the parcel with posters and stickers will take more time to arrive our hands. We will distribute them among the children. Looking forward to your voice.


Zakir Hossain
Krisoker Saar (Farmers' Voice)

"There's wealth in wetland diversity
- don't lose it!"

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