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10/03/2005 [The MedWetCoast project has ended but the Web site can be found at (2007).]

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Following is a record of Egyptian activities in celebration of World Wetlands Day WWD 2005:

- A seminar for journalists was held on 10/ 1/ 2005, to introduce them to the importance of wetlands in general and the significance of WWD.

- A training seminar on "Communication, Education and Public Awareness" for rangers was held on 30/ 1/ 2005, to enable them to spread awareness of the wetlands amongst locals, particularly in WWD.

- This year the target audience for celebration in the three protectorates was youths.

- In Zaranik, around 180 youths from local youth centers and scouts attended the WWD celebrations. The celebration consisted of presentations, field trips, clean-up campaigns (conducted by youths), a painting & drawing session to record the nature of the protectorate, games, a knowledge competition and a play.

- In Burullus, around 100 youths from local schools and institutes attended. The program consisted of a presentation, a clean-up campaign conducted by youths, a field trip and a general knowledge competition.

- In Omayed, Around 80 youths from local scout and youth centers attended. The program consisted of a presentation and a clean up campaign conducted by the youths themselves.

- More than 10 articles were published in papers.

Thank you,

Injy Galal
National Information Officer
MedWetCoast - Egypt [The MedWetCoast project has ended but the Web site can be found at (2007).]

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