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This outline shows the activities of World Wetlands Day 2005 held at Lang Sen Wetlands Reserve Area, Tan Hung district, Long An province, Viet Nam, which got involved in wetland-related activities and brought wetland values into public focus, and under the theme "Cultural and biological diversity in wetlands".

Under sponsorship of the Mekong Wetland Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Program, World Wetlands Day was celebrated in Tan Hung district, Long An province on February 1st, 2005 and organized by Management of Lang Sen Wetland Reserve and Provincial Department of Science and Technology together. A number of activities have been done to mark the event in Tan Hung district:

Celebration of World Wetlands Day 2005 in Tan Hung district, the Plain of Reeds of Long An Province

Participation consist of farmers from three communes around Lang Sen Area, school students and teachers, representatives of provincial government, government officials from district and communes, provincial units, and distinguished conservationists from universities and research institutions from Ho Chi Minh City (Prof. Dr. Le Huy Ba and Dr. Tran Triet). A preventative of the Mekong Wetlands Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Programme, Mr. Phin Sopheap, also participated the WWD 2005 in Tan Hung district.

The anniversary of WWD 2005 was drawn many units and local communities' attention to the need for wise management of the Plain of Reeds' wetlands through a variety of events such as:

  • Field excursion for secondary school students and teachers;
  • Secondary school student's painting competition;
  • Essay writing contest for secondary students; and
  • Special presentations on biodiversity values and wiser use of wetlands.

Getting ready for secondary school students' essay writing and painting competition as well as raising students' awareness of values of wetlands cultural and biology diversity, field excursion was carried on Tuesday the 27th January 2005 in four sites of Lang Sen Wetland Reserve Area. All of the students were explained about environment and natural resource of wetlands as well as their values that should be used wisely and sustainable not only be now a day but also save them for future use. Students were also introduced about responsibility of management of Lang Sen Wetland Reserve and log-frame of Mekong Wetlands Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Programme, being supported from GEF, IUCN, UNDP and MRC, which just were approved by Vietnam Government.

Main activities during half-day anniversary of World Wetlands Day mainly focused as flowing:

Director of Lang Sen Wetland Reserve brought generally up a subject of World Wetland Day 2005 to all participants. Mr. Phin Sopheap delivered Ramsar General Secretary Bridgewater's Message of WWD.

Vice-chair of Tan Hung District People's Committee reminisced to people about Ramsar Convention history and talked about theme World Wetlands Day 2005: "Cultural and biological diversity in wetlands" and slogan "There's wealth in wetland diversity - don't lose it". Vice-chair of district also emphasized to need for wiser-use to wetlands resource that has supported socio-economic development. Some activities, which have aimed to increase awareness of the importance of sustainable freshwater use, management and protection, were discussed on. Association between people who have lived in the Plain of Reeds and wetlands has brought wealth to past generations and, with our help, will surely continue to do so for future generations.

Vice-chairman of Tan Hung District People Committee was talking about Ramsar history and wise-use of wetland biodiversity resources.

Prof. Dr. Le Huy Ba s' speech discussed on biodiversity and other values of wetlands in the world, particularly those in the Lower Mekong Delta Basin. Important values of wetland plant and animal and their life that provided sustenance as well as many other benefits for people were special talked by Dr. Tran Triet.

Students who won in painting and essay writing were presented the prizes. Herself also read the student's best essay; it talked about beautiful landscape of wetlands in the Plain of Reeds and comments after visiting Lang Sen Wetland Reserve.

Students who are winners are receiving essay writing and painting prizes. Vice-chairman of District People Committee presented the prizes to the students.

Some comments mentioned about sustainable use of wetlands were discussed not only on celebration but also during lunch hours.

Then, more than 10 participants who came from provincial agencies and research institutes got field trip to Lang Sen Wetland Reserve. Although field trip was taking at midday many species of water birds were still there seemed to welcome the great anniversary of World Wetlands Day 2005. Visitors have been very interested in remaining natural wetland landscape of the Plain of Reeds. Here, activity plans of wetlands ecotourism were also mentioned by ecological scientists, conservationists and tourism agency.

Field trip in Lang Sen Wetland Reserve Area

Successful celebration of World Wetlands Day 2005 in Tan Hung district of Long An province promises that we will continue to celebrate next WWD 2006 in Tan An Town where will be participated by numbers of people come from other provinces have wetlands.

Finally, many thanks to Mekong Wetland Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Program who supported for celebration of World wetland Day 2005 in Tan Hung district.

Le Phat Quoi

Other pictures taken in WWD 2005 in Tan Hung District, the Plainof Reeds of Long An Province.

Getting discussion on ecotourism in Lang Sen Wetland Reserve Area

Prof. Dr. Le Huy Ba speech at WWD 2005

"There's wealth in wetland diversity
- don't lose it!"

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