Second wetland training seminar in the Czech Republic


Wetland Training Seminars

Czech Republic

A second seminar entitled Wetlands and Its Role in Landscape Functioning of the National Wetland Training Programme (launched by the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the non-governmental organisation ENKI p.b.c.) took place from 24 to 26 May 2005 in the Trebon Basin Biosphere Reserve and Protected Landscape Area, that also includes two Ramsar sites - Trebon Fishponds and Trebon Peatlands. Aimed at national, regional and local administration offices responsible for nature conservation and environment protection in the Czech Republic the seminar was attended by 26 participants from the Ministry of Environment, Protected Landscape Area Authorities, County councils, Agency for Nature and Landscape Protection and Czech Inspection of Environment. The topics of the seminar included:

  • wetland definitions, classification systems and distribution
  • wetland production and adaptation of vegetation to wetland conditions
  • wetland functioning in the landscape, their role in water cycle, energy dissipation, matter retention, flood retention, etc., including negative aspects of catchment drainage, wetland destruction, stream channelisation, etc.
  • sustainable management and restoration of fishponds, streams and peatbogs - methods and experience from the Czech Republic and Germany
  • the use of artificial wetlands (reedbeds) for wastewater treatment
  • information on Ramsar Convention and the obligations of the Czech Republic as a signatory country to the Convention
  • European Water Framework Directive and its implementation in the Czech Republic

The seminar also included a short field excursion that addressed nature conservation problems of the Trebon fishponds RS due to intensive utilisation of these fishponds for fish production. More nature sensitive management approaches were discussed and first achievements of cooperation between conservation community and fish producers presented. The excursion also visited new wetland areas in the region being a result of sand extraction that are managed as sites suitable particularly for reproduction of amphibians.

The programme communicates basic as well as the most up-to-date information, knowledge and practical experience in the field of wetland conservation, sustainable management and restoration. It offers the exchange of knowledge and expereince between research, field management and administration. As such, the programme is expected to improve wetland conservation in the country, strengthen the implementation of Ramsar Convention in the Czech Republic and promote dialogue and cooperation between research and nature conservation bodies.

Third seminar of this series is planned for spring 2006.

Prepared by Martina Eiseltová and Libuse Vlasakova
Prague, 30 May 2005

Photos by Mr Jiri Safar.

Libuse Vlasakova
NFP for Ramsar Convention
Executive Secretary of the Czech Ramsar Committee
Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic

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