Czech cooperation with Ethiopia on Ramsar and wetlands


Workshop on Wetlands
Czech Republic

The new cooperation between the Czech Republic and Ethiopia in the field of wetlands was started in February 2005 when His Excellency Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic, Mr. Libor Ambrozek, with delegation, visited the Federal Environmental Protection Authority of Ethiopia and held discussions with the Deputy Director General of the Authority with respect to future cooperation between the two countries in the areas of environmental protection.

During this discussion, a consensus was reached that one of the possible areas of cooperation would be on the wise use and conservation of the Ethiopian wetlands.

As part of the cooperation of the two countries, the Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic invited Ethiopia to participate in the workshop on wetlands organised in the Czech Republic. The workshop was prepared in cooperation of the Czech Ministry of Environment represented by Mrs. Libuše Vlasáková (Ramsar Administrative Authority) and Alena Cervená (Department of Global Relations) with the non-governmental organisation ENKI represented by Dr. Jan Pokorný.

Accordingly, Mr Ababu Anage, Head of the Ecosystem Department, and Mr. Shewaye Deribe, Plant Ecologist, both from the Environmental Protection Authority of Ethiopia, have attended the workshop between 19 - 25 July 2005. They discussed on issues related to the Ramsar Convention and wetland management in the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic in Prague and the Institute of Landscape Ecology in town of Trebon, in the southern part of the Czech Republic. They participated the International Workshop on Wetlands organized and convened also in the town of Trebon and visited four from eleven Czech Ramsar sites (Trebon fishponds, Trebon peatlands, Lednické fishponds, and Floodplain of lower Dyje river).

Ultimately, by considering the rich potential of the Czech Republic in wetland management and the needs of Ethiopia in managing its wetland resources, the Ethiopian delegation has identified three priority areas as a starting point to facilitate further cooperation between the two countries. Meanwhile, Ethiopia's accession process for the Ramsar Convention continues to progress.

Prepared by Libuše Vlasáková, Alena Cervená, Ababu Anage and Shewaye Deribe
Prague, 29 August 2005

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