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Report on the marking of the World Wetlands Day in the Republic of Macedonia

Dear Dr. Bridgewater,

On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Ljubomir Janev, Minister, Mr. Dragoljub Matovski, Deputy Minister, the staff of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, Dr. Branko Micevski, President, Dr.Dragan Pop-Stojanov, Vice President, Dr. Stanislava Dodeva, Secretary General, Members of the Macedonian Ramsar Committee and the Society for Birds Study and Protection of Macedonia, as well as on my own behalf, I would like to congratulate you on the World Wetlands Day - 2 February.

On the occasion of this, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and the Macedonian Ramsar Committee organized Solemn Session. The session was addressed by: Mr. Ljubomir Janev, Minister, Dr. Branko Micevski, President of the Macedonian Ramsar Committee, Dr. Dr. Stanislava Dodeva, Secretary General of the Macedonian Ramsar Committee and Aleksandar Nastov, MSci, National Focal Point for the Ramsar Convention. With the financial support of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, publications and poster issued by the Society for Birds Study and Protection of Macedonia were brought out and distributed to the participants. Members of the Society for Birds Study and Protection of Macedonia promoted the posters and IRB materials, as well as those of the Society for Birds Study and Protection of Macedonia.

After the Session, Minister Janev and President Micevski hosted a cocktail for the participants.

I hope that the cooperation with you and your collaborators will continue in future, too. Wishing you professional and personal prosperity, I extend

My best regards

Dr. Branko Micevski, MRC President Aleksandar Nastov, MSci, National Focal Point for the Ramsar Convention


On the Formal Session to Mark the World Wetlands Day
(2 February 2004, Club of Representatives, Skopje-Republic of Macedonia)

On 2 February 2004 the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and the Macedonian Ramsar Committee (MRC) organized the 8th Formal Session at the Club of Representatives. On this occasion the World Wetlands Day was marked.

The session was attended by representatives of state authorities, scientific, professional institutions, managers of public enterprises, the public sector, the local selfgovernment units, home and foreign organizations and foundations, and the media.

The session was chaired by the Presidency: Stanislava Dodeva, Dr.Sci., General Secretary of MRC, Mr. Ljubomir Janev, Minister, Aleksandar Nastov, M.Sc., Chairman and Prof. Branko Micevski, Dr. Sci., President of MRC.

The session was opened by Aleksandar Nastov, National focal point. He greeted the attending guests on behalf of the General Secretariat of UN, the Sector of International Conventions, the General Secretary of Ramsar Convention, the General Director of UNESCO (Depositary of RCW), the Regional Coordinator for Europe, the Mediterranean Committee and on his behalf, congratulating them on the World Wetlands Day.

Then the participants were addressed by Minister Ljubomir Janev. He firstly conveyed his congratulations on the World Wetlands Day and the jubilee of MRC - 10 anniversary (25.01.1994 in Skopje) and then turned to the most important global events in the past five decades with an emphassis to the international conventions adopted in the framework of UN. He made a review of the activities on national level aimed at implementation of the Ramsar Convention in the Republic of Macedonia. Minister Janev delivered the standpoint of the Government of RM for consistent fulfilment of obligations arising from the ratification of this important convention. He supported the efforts of MRC, state bodies and other structures - serious MOEPP's partners - which are involved in this process.

MRC's President, Mr. Micevski, present the activities of MRC in the past decade. He stressed the significant role of the Committee in the rounding off of the process of nominating the first wetland site of Macedonia in the World Ramsar List, thus ensuring a status of a Ramsar Site for it. Then he presented MRC's results from defining the course and direct implementation of the obligations of RM as a Party to the Convention. At the end, President Micevski expressed the readiness of MRC and the Bird Study and Protection Society of Macedonia (BSPSM) to actively participate in the implementation of the Convention at a national level and appealed for cooperation with the competent authorities and other structures involved in this very important process of wetlands conservation in Macedonia.

Ms. Stanislava Dodeva, secretary of MRC affirmed the resolutions adopted at the last Conference of the Parties to the Ramsar Convention (Ramsar COP8, Valensia, Spain, 2002). She particularly underlined the 7 resolutions which our country has realized in full at a national level achieving significant results. Namely, we prepared and published materials on our natural and cultural heritage related to wetlands; Catalogue of Macedonian Wetlands; publication on Ornitofauna in the Ramsar Site of Prespa Lake; publication on Avifauna in Ohrid Lake and a poster of endangered waterfowls in Macedonia (in Macedonian and English languages).

The session included presentation of two special publications of the BSPSM: "Catalogue of Macedonian Wetlands as Natural Resources" No. 3/2003 and "Avifauna of Ohrid Lake" No. 5/2003, by prof. Branko Micevski. The promotion was made by Mr. Aleksandar Nastov.

The members of the BSPSM promoted the posters of the International Ramsar Bureau (IRB) and the material especially prepared for the World Wetlands Day. They also made photo documentation of the session.

Chairman Nastov thanked MOEPP for the financial support to cover the organization of this session and for the good will to buy some copies of the special publications and posters of BSPSM. These were later distributed to the participants in the session.

At the end Minister Janev and the President of MRC, Mr. Micevski, invited the guests to the cocktail table.

Skopje: 02.02.2003
Macedonian Ramsar Committee

Attachments: WWD 2004 Programme

Organizers: The Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning,
The Macedonian Ramsar Committee

Subject: The Ceremony for celebration the World Wetlands Day '04,
33 Anniversary from adoption of the Convention on Wetlands (71/04),
10 Years of constitution of the Macedonian Ramsar Committee (94/04)
Place: "Klub na Pratenici", Skopje: 02.02.2004 (Monday), 11.30.


11,30 h. : Opening of the Session
M Sc. Aleksandar Nastov, National Focal Point of RCW

11,35 h. : Statement by Mr. Ljubomir Janev,
Representative of the Macedonian Government
Minister for Environment Protection and Physical Planning

12,00 h. : "10 Years of the Macedonian Ramsar Committee"
Prof. Dr. Branko Micevski, President of MRC

12,20 h : Affirmation of Resolutions of Ramsar COP 8 (Valencia, Spain, November 2002)
Dr. Stanislava Dodeva, Secretary General of MRC

12,40 h : Promotion of the publication: "Avifauna of Ohrid Lake" and "DIRECTORIUM OF THE MACEDONIAN WETLANDS- with Nature Resources" Author: Prof.Dr. Branko Micevski,
Special publication of the BSPSM, Skopje
Promotor: M.Sc. Aleksandar Nastov, Member of BSPSM.

13,00 h : Presentation of video-casette "Conservation of Wetlands in the World"
(Video-documentation of MRC/BSPSM)

13,30 h : Closure of the Session.
Potoa: Cocktail hosted by Mr. Ljubomir Janev, Minister and Prof.Dr. Branko Micevski, President of MRC.

President of MRC
Prof. Dr. Branko Micevski

Ljubomir Janev

Cabinet of the Ministry
Chief: Snezana Nakovska

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