World Wetlands Day 2004 -- China -- Zhanjiang


Serials of Activity going on in Zhanjiang, China for the Commemoration of 2004 World Wetlands Day

Located in the southernmost part of continent, Zhanjiang city, China lies in Lei Zhou peninsula, with its three sides surrounded by the sea. Its coastline stretches for around 1,500 kilometers, and the mudflat wetland covers 100,000 hectares. Among those, the mangrove wetland covers 7,800 hectares, accounting for 33% of that of China. As the area possessing of the richest mangrove resource, it also serves as one of the three flyways for migratory birds. In view of the importance of mudflat wetland of Zhanjiang, this Reserve has been listed into the Ramsar Convention in Jan, 2002, becoming the international key wetland. In Feb, 2002, Chinese and Netherlandish government made a joint investment to implement integrated mangrove management and coastal protection project, so as to contribute to the management of mangrove wetland conservation in this area.

On the eve of International Wetlands Day on 2 Feb, 2004, Zhanjiang Mangrove National Nature Reserve in Guangdong province, together with Sino-Dutch Integrated Mangrove Management and Coastal Protection in Lei Zhou Peninsula etc many departments, has taken the joint action, initiating serials of activities in Zhanjiang city with the topic of " Cherishing Mangrove in my Hometown" for commemorating World Wetlands Land. The activities were undertaken based on the coastal villages and the schools, with the voluntary participant coming from the cadres, the villagers and the students.

a. Zhanjiang Forestry Bureau, Zhanjiang Education Bureau, jointly with Sino-Dutch Integrated Mangrove Management and Coastal Protection in Lei Zhou Peninsula, issued one advocation letter " Cherishing Mangrove, Conserving Mangrove Wetland" to about 1.60 million middle and primary school students in Zhanjiang. The written proposal put forward 10 expectations, requiring the mass of students to set up the idea of environmental protection, and to do it from myself, and to initiate to conserve the mangrove wetland. So far, around 20,000 advocation letters have been printed and disseminated to the schools, the teachers and students concerned.

b. Developing the oath and signature activity of the protection of mangrove wetland. Prior to 2004 World Wetlands Day, Zhanjiang Mangrove National Nature Reserve, and Sino-Dutch Integrated Mangrove Management and Coastal Protection in Lei Zhou Peninsula organized the oath and signature activity in spirited atmosphere for the protection of mangrove wetland in Taiping town in Zhanjiang. The total of 2000 participant consisted of number of Taiping middles school teachers and students, the cadres and the masses from Qilin villages of Taiping town etc the coastal villages. They took part in the propaganda activity with the topic on " Take Initiation to Conserve the Mangrove in our Hometown". The organizer sent the propaganda vehicle, dispatching the Conservation Expect for Mangrove Wetland to the area instructing the students and villagers of the importance of mangrove wetland and the significance of protection. In the end, around 1000 students and villagers participated in the oath and signature activity of protecting mangrove wetland.

c. Establishing a group of foundation for mangrove environmental education, as well as undertaking the mangrove environmental education in various and colorful types. Sino-Dutch Integrated Mangrove Management and Coastal Protection in Lei Zhou Peninsula, together with Zhanjiang Education Bureau and Zhanjiang Forestry Bureau, selected 8 middle schools, which are designated as " Zhanjiang Pilot School for Mangrove Environmental Education". Meanwhile, Environmental Education Foundation was established in Guaoqiao Mangrove Area of Zhanjiang Mangrove Reserve. Recently, integrating their reality, 8 pilot schools have one after the other initiated the activities in different contents and types for commemorating World Wetlands Day. Among those, Zhanjiang No. 20 middle school organized the hand-written competition of mangrove wetland knowledge. Totally, about 500 piece of artwork were received, and 39 pieces of excellent artwork were appraised though comparison, which were exhibited in the school culture gallery. It helped to lift the upsurge of mangrove protection among the teachers and students. In addition, other pilot schools also commemorated World Wetland Day by developing activities, which range from mangrove area visit, and the propagation board on mangrove and World Wetlands Day knowledge, to the slogan paste.

d. Producing, printing and distributing a great amount of propaganda material. In order to cooperate 2004 World Wetland Days better, Sino-Dutch Mangrove Project Office, jointly with Zhanjiang Mangrove National Nature Reserve, elaborately produced a set of the propaganda material related to mangrove wetland knowledge, and provided them free of charge to the relative department to initiate the propaganda activity. Those material included a set of VCD purposed to propagate the protection of mangrove wetland, mangrove poster in 3 different subjects with the total of 6000 pieces, and 10,000 pieces of mangrove loose-leaves and leaflets. Further, mangrove experts have been dispatched to the schools and village involved holding about 10 lectures about mangrove knowledge which benefited around 20,000 villagers.

At present, one upsurge with regard to the attention of ecological environment and the cherishing of mangrove wetland has been quietly lifted in Lei Zhou peninsula.

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