World Wetlands Day 2004 -- Poland


From: []
Sent: 25 February 2004 19:11
To: HIGGINS Valerie - Ramsar

Subject: Re: CMok! POLAND

Dear Ms Higgins!

Answering your letter from the 12 Jan 2004, we would like to thank you for the posters you sent us. They will be given to schools, as well as the children taking part in our educational project. We would also like to send you some details about the project, as you asked for. Educational project is a part of the project "Active conservation of wetland ecosystems on the Calowanie Fen", and is aimed at children (aged 11-13) from the villages surrounding Calowanie Peat Land (in Mazovian Landscape Park), and their teachers. In winter and spring 2004 we are giving lessons concerning peat lands ecology, familiarizing children also with wetland fauna and flora. Older children get to know also about methods of peatland restoration, we explain to them our activities on Calowanie connected with its active protection. During lessons children get the brochures, written and printed especially for needs of the project. Additionally, we give books about wetland fauna and flora as well as about Polish "wet" national parks, to the schools' libraries. They will also be given Ramsar posters. The next part of the project are the lessons in the field, planned for May, when we are going to deepen children’s knowledge about peatlands, and make them know more about the natural values of their site. The lessons will take place not only on the Calowanie peat land, but also in the peat bogs and transitional peat lands, plentiful in Mazovian landscape Park. It is because our aim is to make children feel the value of what is closest to them, and understand the idea of protecting it. The event closing the project for children is the Peatland Knowledge Contest. The first prize in the contest will be to attend the educational camp in Biebrzanski National Park in July.

The second "section" of the project is the teachers' training. We assume that after the training teachers will continue "wet" lessons with younger children when the project finishes. The training is planned for autumn 2004 and will consist of one day of theory, and one day of the training in the field. Our experiences show that the teachers learn from the lessons as well as the children, and are sometimes the most interested students in the class. During the training teachers will also get the materials with methodological advice and lesson schemes. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures from the project realization yet, as it has just begun. We are going to make some and we will surely send them to you as soon as they are developed. If you want to get to know more about our organization, activities and realized projects, you can find more information on our web-site:

Thanking you once again, we hope for further cooperation
With best regards
Ewa Jablonska
Paulina Dzierza
"Save Wetlands" Association

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