Wetlands International launches a new award for contributions to wetlands


Luc Hoffmann Medal for Wetland Science and Conservation

On the occasion of Wetlands International's 50th anniversary, I am delighted to announce a new award - the Wetlands International Luc Hoffmann Medal for Wetland Science and Conservation.

The award will be presented every triennium in honour of Luc Hoffmann, one of the founders of Wetlands International and a continuing source of inspiration and support to those who share his passion for wetlands. We have established the award echoing Luc's belief that effective nature conservation activities need to rely on good science, as well as in recognition of his own outstanding achievements in this field. The award will be conferred to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in one or more of three categories:

scientific research;
communication, education and/or public awareness; and
wetland management.

The Wetlands International Luc Hoffmann Medal shall be awarded by decision of the Wetlands International Board of Directors.

We are now seeking nominations for the award and we invite you to nominate a worthy candidate. Information on nomination criteria and requirements is located at http://www.wetlands.org/aboutWI/LH_Award.htm.

The deadline for nominations is 20 September 2004.

The first award presentation will take place at a reception on the evening of 25 November 2004, just prior to the start of the Board of Members meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. You are warmly invited to this event, at which the recipient will receive his/her medal and certificate and we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Wetlands International.

-- Max Finlayson, President, Wetlands International

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