Update on World Wetlands Day 2005 preparations


WWD materials to be available on CD-ROM as well

Every year since 1997, the Ramsar Secretariat has produced a number of materials to help people liven up their World Wetlands Day celebrations, and these have been distributed free of charge. This year, the design of a colorful WWD poster and three new stickers is proceeding on schedule, and the results should be ready by mid-October. (The index to materials distributed in the past can be found at http://ramsar.org/wwd_index.htm.)

Build your own WWD materials

Frequently people and organizations wish to customize our posters and other stuff with their own languages or local landmarks, and for WWDs 2003 and 2004 we have also made available, in addition to the printed materials, the original designs on CD-ROM for use by local designers and publishers all over the world. In fact, we would like to encourage everyone to consider personalizing and/or translating these materials in national or local languages so that they have more direct relevance to local audiences, and especially to consider printing them in his or her own country if large numbers are required.

While we have had some success in this area (see earlier examples here), we hope to see even more results for WWD 2005. Thus, the poster and stickers for 2005 will be made available in two electronic formats:

CD-ROM 1 (Quark): For use with a MAC or PC, this CD will include the poster and three stickers in QuarkXpress Passport 4.11.

With this electronic version you will be able to edit the text and exchange images as you wish in order to produce a personalised version of the poster and stickers. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU (OR YOUR PRINTER/PUBLISHER) WILL NEED TO HAVE THE APPROPRIATE SOFTWARE TO OPEN THESE FILES.

This CD will also include the poster and stickers as EPS image files, BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EDIT THESE VERSIONS.

CD-ROM 2 (Photoshop): For use with a MAC or PC, this CD will include the poster and stickers as Adobe Photoshop files: Adobe Photoshop 6.0 (PSD).

This version will also allow you to personalise the poster and stickers, changing the text and the images as you wish, but please be aware that these will be very large documents and some computers may have difficulty in working with them.

On this CD-ROM there will also be an Adobe Acrobat PDF version available that will simply allow you to print the materials without being able to edit them in any way. For this you will need Adobe Acrobat 5.0.

If you are interested in personalizing and printing you own copies, please check which format you or your publisher is able to work with and then let us know which of these two CD-ROMs you would like by writing to wwd@ramsar.org - and don't forget to include your full mailing address! Your message will be recorded and the CD-ROM will be sent to you free of charge as soon as it is ready, hopefully in mid-October.

[Please note that we in the Secretariat do not have sufficient resources to be able to advise individually on the use of these materials.]

Examples of the translation and local adaptation of Ramsar materials:

evian2.jpg (2371 bytes)danone.jpg (2960 bytes) Materials produced for World Wetlands Day by the Ramsar Secretariat are funded by the Evian Project of the Danone Group (France).

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