Ramsar's World Wetlands Day materials - local and national adaptation


How did we do in 2003?

Adaptation of Ramsar's WWD materials

Last year we made our World Wetlands Day materials available on CD-ROM as Quark Xpress files – we hoped it would encourage users with the appropriate software, or access to it, to print large numbers of copies for distribution, to translate the text into local languages, or even to customise the publication, making it more relevant to local situations. How did our WWD contacts do? Pretty well, considering that we only launched this initiative at the time of mailing in October 2002.  This year we are giving our WWD collaborators plenty of advance warning, so look below to get some idea of what can be done with the Quark Xpress files of our materials. Remember that we will be offering a poster, sticker and leaflet, all as Quark Xpress files as well as in hard copy, so there will be plenty to work with. Read more here about our WWD 2004 plans.

Use of the Quark Xpress files for WWD 2003

The poster produced in Chinese by the Ramsar Administrative Authority, who printed no less than 10,000 copies! These were distributed very widely to a number of environmental government agencies, all Ramsar sites and nature reserves, universities, international NGOs, etc. 


The poster produced in German by Fundación para el Desarrollo Sustentable del Chaco in Paraguay for the German speaking communities in the Chaco. Our thanks to Francesca de Cabrera for sending us the copy. Read more here about the Fundación's WWD activities with both the German and Spanish-speaking communities in the Chaco.


The poster produced as a banner for the WWD event at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Nature Center. Many thanks to Amy M. Lecciones, President, Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlandsfor the photo. You can read her full report here.

The Thai version of the poster produced by the Ramsar Administrative Authority. Printing2,000 copies, they distributed them to NGOs and many schools throughout the country as well as using them for their own WWD event. Thanks to our contact

Nirawan Pipitsombat for keeping us informed. Read the full report here.  

The Turkishversion of our poster produced by our Ramsar Administrative Authority in Turkey. Thanks to Selim Erdogan for informing the Bureau and sending us a copy of the poster. Read about their WWD activities here.

Trinidad & Tobago produced a T-shirt for World Wetlands Day 2003 as part of their WWD celebrations  - the frog and the wetland scene on the back are taken from the poster! Thanks to Nadra Nathai-Gyan, from the Ramsar Administrative Authority for sending us the T-shirt.

The handsome male model in the photo is none other than Ramsar's soon-to-be leaving Julio Montes de Oca!


And the latest news comes from Alison Beard from the Ramsar Administrative Authority inAustralia, who reports that they have made 100 copies of the Ramsar video "Wetlands, Water and Sustainability" using our video master, and have used the Quark Xpress files of the video cover to print a version that includes the logos of their two sponsors, Environment Australia and the Natural Heritage Trust. Videos have been sent to wetland education and visitor centres across Australia.

For further examples of the translation and reproduction of Ramsar materials

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