Midterm Workshops of the STRP, 20-24 July 2004 -- the inevitable pix


Nick Davidson says, "From 20-24 July 2004, members and observers of the Convention's Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP), joined by invited technical experts including authors of chapters of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, the CBD Secretariat and the Chair of the Standing Committee, met in a series of intensive and very successful workshops in Wageningen, the Netherlands. The workshops were hosted by Wetlands International as part of their provision of the STRP Support Service." Here is his brief report.

The workshops reviewed progress against the large number of tasks in the Panel's 2003-2005 Work Plan, and made significant progress in refining and further developing technical review papers and a suite of guidelines and advice for Contracting Parties, for consideration by COP9 in 2005. Panel leads for each task are now drafting materials for consultation with STRP National Focal Points and consideration by the 12th meeting of the STRP in February 2005.

Mike Acreman and groundwater discharge

Left: Jane Madgwick, CEO of Wetlands International; Jamie Pittock, director of WWF's Living Waters Programme.
Right: Max Finlayson, director of Australia's eriss and president of Wetlands International, and chair of the STRP; Rebecca D'Cruz, Malaysia (and formerly Ramsar Secretariat)

Working Group 4 on socio-economic and cultural issues. From left, Spyros Kouvelis, MedWet Coordinator; Cui Lijuan, China; Carmen Revenga, World Resources Institute; Randy Milton (foreground), Canada; Maria-José Viñals, SEHUMED, Spain; Edith Wenger, WWF Auen-Institut, Germany

Left: John Lowry, eriss, invited expert on GIS.
Right: Dolf de Groot and Mishka Stuip, University of Wageningen, invited experts on wetland evaluation.

Left: Doug Taylor, Wetlands International; Heather MacKay, South Africa, vice-chair of the STRP; Mike Acreman, Institute of Hydrology, UK.
Right: Rebecca Tharme, International Water Management Institute (IWMI); Olivia Bragg, IMCG; Nick Davidson, Ramsar.

From left: David Stroud, JNCC, UK; Heather MacKay, South Africa; David Molden, IWMI; David Coates, CBD Secretariat; Rebecca Tharme, IWMI.

Left: Heather MacKay, South Africa; Angela Arthington, Australia
Right: Eckhard Kuijkens, Tobias Salathé, Edith Wenger, Vic and Christine Semeniuk

Present and past Ramsar officers for Asia: Lei Guang-chun and Rebecca D'Cruz

Testing the equipment, with Tunde Ojei's help

From left: Gordana Beltram, Slovenia, chair of the Ramsar Standing Committee; Jane Madgwick, CEO of Wetlands International; Max Finlayson, chair of the STRP

Left: Rebecca D'Cruz and Alvin Lopez, Millennium Assessment chapter authors.
Right: water specialists Heather MacKay and Mike Acreman

Dave Pritchard, BirdLife and RSPB; Nick Davidson, rhapsodic.

Left: Frank Alberts, RIZA, Netherlands; Archna Chatterjee, WWF, seconded to STRP Working Group 5; Ward Hagemeier, Wetlands International
Right: Frank Alberts

David Stroud and Nick Davidson discussing Ramsar on the moon

Left: Dave Pritchard and Doug Taylor, with Habiba Gitay, Millennium Assessment chapter author, at the microphone.
Right: STRP members Max Finlayson and Cui Lijuan.

Front row: Vincent van den Berk, LNV Netherlands; Rebecca D'Cruz; right, Susan Tressler, Wetlands International

Max Finlayson, Australia; Kemi Awoyinka, Wetlands International

Left: Carol Goge, South Africa; Tatiana Minaeva, Russian Federation.
Right: Abou Bamba, Ramsar

Left: Tunde Ojei, Wetlands International
Right: David Stroud and Nick Davidson, bewildered

Max Finlayson, Jamie Pittock, Rebecca D'Cruz ("Wholly Sarawak Delegation, part 1")

Working late in Wageningen

Long hours for wetland conservation

Habiba, Max, and Randy say: "See you at COP9!"

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