Día Mundial de los Humedales 2004 - Colombia


Colombia I. Maria del Pilar Lopez Mallari (prensa@eco-plan.org) writes "Hi, my name is Pilar Mallari. ECO-PLAN (non profit environmental organization) is currently working in Ecuador and Colombia. Eco-forum is a strategy to widen the access to environmental education, and as part of that strategy, we are distributing a free newspaper in schools, universities and private companies. I was hoping to include the "Working for Wetlands Leaflet" in the January February edition of Eco-forum, also I requested a small grant of US 250 to our HQs, to print the poster "From the mountains to the sea". The idea is to print the poster here and provide one to those schools and universities we work with (for free as we are a non profit organization). The main cities of distribution will be Bogota and Cali (200 posters in each citiy) and Quito, Ecuador (50 posters). Eco-forum is a project financed by Eco-Plan, Sustainable Network Colombia and the Green Press. It's apolitical and aims to raise environmental awareness. For the January February edition, we will be printing 50.000 newspapers."

From: Pilar Mallari [mailto:plopez@eco-plan.org]
Sent: 09 February 2004 15:07
To: HIGGINS Valerie - Ramsar

Dear Valerie, I am preparing a package for you with the printed material and the information on what activities where carried out, attached please find the flyer that we adjusted here, initially we printed 8.000 and for this other activity on the 21st of February we will print 4.000 more. Thanks a lot for everything.

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