China's national wetland targets set through to 2030


China sets national targets for wetland conservation for 2010, 2020 and 2030

The Ramsar Convention Implementation Office (State Forestry Administration) has recently formulated China’s National Wetland Conservation Programme for 2002-2030, jointly working with the National Commission of Development and Reform, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Land Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Construction, State Environment Protection Administration, and the State Oceanic Administration.

Targets have been set for the near future, middle term and long term as follows:

Near Future (before 2010):

- Development of national facilitation mechanism and management system (including monitoring, CEPA) for wetlands;
- Stop and reverse the degradation of wetland ecosystem;
- Effective conservation of key wetlands;
- Development of facilities/institutions for 225 wetland reserves, including designation of 30 new Ramsar sites.
- Restoring at least 1.1 million ha wetlands;
- Development of pilot demonstration for wise use of wetlands in 23 sites.

Middle term (2010-2020)

- Consolidate wetland reserve networks, establish and improve legislation, institutional setting for wetlands, research and monitory system;
- Effective conservation of 60% of nature wetlands;
- Development of facilities /institutions for 175 wetland reserves, including 120 new wetland reserves, designation of 30 new Ramsar sites;
- Restoring 190,000 ha wetlands;
- Development of pilot demonstration for wise use of wetlands in 18 sites.

Long-term (2020-2030)

- Development of a functioning legal, administrative system for wetland conservation and wise use;
- Effective conservation of 90% of nature wetlands;
- Up to 2030, number of wetland reserves reaches 713, including 80 Ramsar sites;
- Restoring 1.4 million ha wetlands;
- Firmly establish 53 demonstration sites, for the wise use and conservation

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