World Wetlands Day 2003:


Every year, on 2nd February, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority (DDBRA) organise different activities for the celebration of the World Wetlands Day (WWD), a real opportunity to undertake actions aimed to raise public awareness on wetland values.

Last year, we organised an environmental event at the headquarter of our organisation, which included the following activities:

- creation and dissemination of a leaflet; posters, information sheet about the wetlands and WWD;
- exhibition of posters and materials sent to us by the RAMSAR Secretary;
- scientific communication session for the students, that presented different projects related to the water, wetlands, the importance of the water in the maintaining of the wetlands values;
- the participants to the event - students, teachers, specialists, non-governmental organizations - watched the RAMSAR video: "Wetlands, water and sustainability";
- at the end of the celebration, the students sent by mail a message about the importance of the WWD to other schools from Romania, and they also elaborated the conclusion:
" We are sure that each one of us understands the wetlands importance and we want to do everything we can to help the nature. But only together we can protect it!"

In order to organise WWD activities on February 2004, we kindly ask you if it is possible to provide us few copies from the new materials produced for 2004:
- the poster on the theme "From the mountains to the sea - Wetlands at work for us",
- the new 3-fold leaflet "Working for Wetlands",
- the new sticker.

Please, find attached to this message photos of the WWD 2003 activities and some drawings produced by the students from the high schools of art for the annual exhibition " A chance for the blue Danube".

Thank you very much in advance for your kind attention.

Your truly,

Cornelia Aftodor
Ecological Education and International Relations Department
Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority

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