World Wetlands Day 2003:



 WWD 2003 activities reported by the

Wetlands International Indonesia Office

1. Traditional ceremony with local people in Tulang Bawang - village, Sumatra. On 2 February the community will have a simple celebration in this bird conservation area.

2. Seminar on the Use of the Sembilang National Park's Management as a Model in Managing Other Wetlands Conservation Areas in South Sumatera Province. This seminar will be held in February and is organised in collaboration with the District Government of Musi Banyuasin South Sumatera and will be attended by local NGOs, relevant government agencies, universities and school teachers.

The Wetlands International Indonesia Programme proposes that Sembilang area, a coastal mangrove wetland of 200,000 ha becomes a National Park as this area is one of the most intact mangrove conservation areas in Indonesia. It's an important area for migratory waterbird species, and for the Sumateran tiger.

3. Mangrove rehabilitation activity in Muara Angke Wildlife Reserve (MAWR) Jakarta. This is organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Forestry and the Agriculture and Forestry Agencies of DKI-Jakarta, and carried out by a local NGO (Yayasan Mangrove) and the local Forestry Agency. Posters, leaflets and brochures will be distributed to all participants. The event is sponsored by Standard Chatered Bank-Jakarta.

4. Wetlands Restoration Monitoring Programme. Between 9 February and 10 March staff of Wetlands International Indonesia will visit a number of coastal villages areas in Sumatrera and the Java islands that have been receiving small grant funds under the coastal development competition programme.

Under this project, running between June 2002 and June 2003 and funded by KNIP Netherlands, a number of community groups have been awarded small grants to develop small scale business enterprises. The condition to receive the grant was to plant a number of mangrove trees in their coastal villages' areas. During the monitoring mission several trees and seedlings will be planted.

5. Best Practice in Mangrove Rehabilitation - 6 February. Together with the District Government of Pemalang (central Java) Wetlands Indonesia will invite local NGOs and other stakeholders in Java to see and celebrate the success of the mangrove rehabilitation and management programme.

The programme is carried out by local NGOs like Yayasan Mitra Bahari, Cemoro Songo, Tingkir Jaya and others, and is supported financially by Wetlands International Indonesia and Global Releaf/American Forest. Wetlands International Indonesia also provides technical guidance in mangrove planting. Until now no less than 100,000 mangrove trees have been planted. As part of the World Wetlands Day celebration, the techniques of trees seedling preparation and maintenance will be demonstrated, and the management aspects discussed.

-- Wetlands International's Indonesia Office (

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